With the growing popularity and accessibility of so many social networking websites, to talk to random girls online have become such an easy feat already. Gone are the days when they to endure the stresses of rejection and humiliation when they have to approach a girl that they like in person. Before you even begin chatting up a girl online, you need to understand just how different a woman from a man is. You need to understand just how the female brain operates, although not necessarily completely. Also take note of today’s radical and ever changing rules in the world of dating. You might still be stuck in the old times when guys had to do every single thing just to score a date.

First, you need to focus on getting women to flock to your website. And how do you do this? A good profile with an equally good profile picture, of course. Delete those pictures that show off your pectorals or those that display your Hollywood star smile. Social networking sites are already teeming with so many guys with these pictures that are competing for female attention. Do not be one of them and be swallowed into oblivion. What would be a good profile picture that will stand out? A picture of you sleeping should do the trick. This might seem silly but this has proven to be very effective to get a girl’s heart to swell, seeing you in such a vulnerable state.

Secondly, you need to know that modern and empowered women call for approaches that will allow them to show off such authority. All those talks about men having to do the impossible and cross oceans just to impress a girl is already too old and cliché. Today, teasing is the most effective tactic to make use of. Women love a good chase just like men do. Show them that you are into her the first then completely ignore her the next time and this will send her on a frenzy just to get your attention again. Guys who blatantly show off their feelings early on have gone boring for many women.

Third, you have to know the right places to meet women. Yes, those popular social networking and dating websites is a treasure trove of beautiful women that are worth meeting and dating. But have considered going into those forums that talk about dating and relationships? You might not know it but this is a gold mine of women who are looking to date and get into a relationship with someone. All that you need to do is send some potential women some messages, get them to talk about their concerns and problems, and you could end up with a date for this weekend.

The next secret tells you to never veer out from your act at teasing the girl. Never destroy the unorthodox chase that you are manipulating by letting the girl know that you are into her. There are social networking sites that give you the ability to send gifts to another user. Do not do this because it destroys the chase. Once this happens, the girl can drop you like a hot potato and move on to the next, leaving you and all the efforts you have exerted fruitless.

Even if a girl ahs made the first move to communicate with you online, you have to stay in character and never let her sense that you are way too excited for such development. The key attitude in order to successfully pull this off is to stay aloof. When she adds you as a friend, ask her how she knew you or anything along those lines. Today’s times have completely changed the ways to talk to random girls online and you ought to keep up with it to stay afloat in the realm of dating

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