Taurus 2012 Career and Work Horoscope

This year you are going to have to take the good with the bad when it comes to your financial situation. The first three months of the year are going to be about tightening your belt and scaling back on expenses. This might be in order to afford paying off a debt or a legal situation.
2012 does not have much to offer in terms of career opportunities and in fact many Bulls may be facing cutbacks or layoffs. Expect to work two jobs or extra hours to make ends meet.

2012 is excellent if you have a mind to pursue higher education or learn new skills.

Taurus 2012 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

The sign of the Bull has been enduring stressful relationships since last year and many are going through separations or divorces. Saturn is battling it out with Mars and the consequence of this is going to be battles between the sexes for the first six months of the year. Most of these battles are due to the Bull’s naturally arrogant tendencies which are exaggerated under this influence. This can cause them to make enemies of even the new friends that they could make this year.

Before the summer is out some Bulls may find themselves making a lot of apologies or trying to mend fences with people they have wronged. Many will be newly single so they should spend some time making new social connections.
Bulls should also avoid their natural tendency to be sarcastic as many people will be feeling very spiritual and quite self-serious in 2011. Reign in your usual tendency to be insensitive.

Finally, people under this sign needs to be prepared for Horoscope 2012 for it can bring both good and bad things to them. There will be possible setbacks with of course, some achievements and positive changes in their lives.

Taurus 2012 Finance and Money Horoscope The first six months of the year are a little lean in terms of cash flow but in the long run this is beneficial for your financial picture because you are slowly but surely paying down debt. You may have no choice but to cut back on expenses until July when it will be easier for you to start new projects or begin a new business.
As you are always so behind financially it may be difficult for you to slow down, plan your life and see the big picture. Make sure you take the time to strategize what should happen next so that prosperity will be yours in 2013. Taurus 2012 Health Horoscope

Your health is not as good as usual this year thanks to several planetary influences that decrease your resistance to stress. The last four months of the year could mean health problems if you do not take care to cut back on any addictions or lifestyle habits that are harming your health. You are at particular risk of lung and stomach problems. Be sure to eat right and get plenty of exercise.
You should also take care to heed all safety precautions as you are also more accident prone in Fall and Winter of 2012.

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