Epilepsy, bipolar disorder, trigeminal neuralgia and mood swings are the ailments cured using Tegretol. However Tegretol has been associated with plethora of side effects some of which have also been life threatening. In case the patient who has been administered Tegretol has suffered from any kind of personal injury then he or she is liable for compensation.

FDA analyzed reports of:

Suicidal thoughts
SJS- Stevens Johnson syndrome &
Toxic epidermal necrolysis
Fetal exposures.
Samantha Grasham’s case was one such case, where she suffered from SJS as a result of the prescription. The Tucson softball player’s body suffered from over 80% burns inside out. Most of her skin, mouth, throat, esophagus and airway were blistered, leaving her scarred for life. Before taking the medication there was no warning that the player would have reacted so severely to the medicine. And this is not so in her case only, there are many more such instances. The reason behind all such kind of fatalities is that most of the time the warning on the labeling are not strong enough. After undergoing 18 days of intensive treatment which included debriding of burned skin, bandaging, infection control and special nursing care, Samantha was discharged from the hospital, only to continue the rest of the treatment as an outpatient.

In another instance, Tegretol’s exposure during pregnancy can cause major birth defects like growth retardation, skeletal birth defects, neural tube birth defects like spina bifida, craniofacial birth defects like cleft palate and cleft lip, developmental delay, genital defects like hypospadias, heart defects, and hypoplasia. So, in case you are pregnant or planning pregnancy and already under the medication of this drug, then consulting a physician should be the first step. However, if for some reason, you have suffered from the side effects of the medicine and delivered a child with birth defects, then filing a lawsuit is the only option left.

The aim of Tegretol lawsuits pertaining to birth defects is not only to seek financial compensation for the damages caused due to injuries and the expenses borne on medication and hospitalization, but also for the pain and the sufferings that the family had to go through.

The personal injury lawyers that specialize in Tegretol cases are well versed with these kinds of litigations and know how to develop the case in the best possible manner, so that a maximum amount of compensation can be claimed by the plaintiff. Qualified Tegretol attorneys have access to the vital information related to the case like medical records, insurance documentation, and the testimony of medical and scientific experts. As a result they can build up the case for the patient’s benefit, by emphasizing on the critical aspects of the litigation.
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