Owning a dog can be an amazing life experience. Dogs have earned their place as men’s best friend, thanks to their loyalty, unconditional love and their great ability to fill our lives with lots of fun and joy.

Furthermore, dogs can enrich our life in many ways, they protect us, work for us, give us their companionship, and even teach us some important life lessons. Owning a dog is a great experience loaded with great benefits for everyone in the household from babies to seniors.

However, bringing a dog into your home and providing him with proper dog care is not easy, that is why owning a dog is a decision that needs to be made carefully.

The first move you can make towards becoming a responsible dog owner and making sure your experience owning a dog is a positive one, is to find good information on dog care, not only about the benefits of owning a dog, but also the added work and responsibilities involved in raising a healthy and well behaved dog.

Although, owning a dog is a big commitment with plenty of responsibilities, the benefits and joy of sharing your life with your best friend are far more rewarding.

Lets take a quick look at some of the many ways owning a dog can enrich people’s lives.

* A Dog Can Make You Happier

A dog can fill your life with laughter, fun, companionship, unconditional love and give you more attention than anyone could.

Furthermore, your dogs’ need for exercise will take you outdoors, giving you a daily opportunity to relax, get some exercise, enjoy nature, meet people and even make new friends.

And it doesn’t stop there; your dogs ability to get you in a better mood and make you feel good; will help you prevent and fight depression, loneliness, stress and self-confidence problems. Resulting in a happier you!

Just give your dog the opportunity to show you how rewarding is to make time to enjoy the simple things in life and share them with your best friend.

* A Dog Can Make You Healthier

Having a dog in your life has great health benefits, whether you are trying to prevent health problems, improve your health or recover from illness,

Exercising with your dog not only provides health benefits for your dog, but for you as well. No matter how intense your exercise routine is, getting out with your dog will help you lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing your risk for heart disease and cardiovascular problems; and even better… it will help you loose weight and get fit.

Even just spending time with your dog or petting your dog can help you lower blood pressure and make you feel better.

Furthermore, studies have shown that patients recovering from illness or surgical procedures, recover faster and cope better with their period of convalescence if they have the companionship and positive energy that a dog bring into the picture.

* A Dog Can Keep You Safe

It’s natural for a dog to bark when a stranger comes into his territory, they do it to alert you and discourage intruders from stepping into your property. No matter how big or small your dog is, barking is always a big deterrent for burglars. What’s more, if someone ever tries to hurt you, your dog will protect you by barking, attacking or simply alerting everyone of danger.

When it comes to protection and security, of course the presence of a big dog is more intimidating, but the noise a little dog can make will also keep someone from breaking into your house or choosing you as a victim, just like an alarm system would.

Those are just some of the great reasons why dogs have made their way into human households and hearts, becoming closer to our families than ever before.

However,the benefits and enjoyment you can get from the experience of owning a dog are going to be proportional to your level of commitment and your ability to build a strong connection with your dog.

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