There are many herbs which have shown positive results in terms of preventing hair fall and promoting hair growth, any of these time-tested herb works as the best herbal remedy for hair loss. People spend billions annually to prevent baldness and bring back their hair locks, some even are ready to bear the painful surgical measures to cover up the bald spots with hairs once again. Although hair loss or alopecia is not a life-threatening condition or debilitating disease but emotional trauma associated with this problem is so high that people can try and go any extent to prevent baldness and get hair gain. There are many products which claim to prevent baldness but danger of side effects after using these is very high, on the other hand, natural substances are suitable for all and do not cast any side effects. Some of the old and time-tested herbs and natural substances provide the best herbal remedy for hair loss.

Polyganum multiflorum has been used since ancient times in Chinese medicine for hair color and hair growth. This herb prevents baldness and also promotes hair growth at bald spots, this herb is also very useful for preventing and curing premature hair graying. Overall this is one of the best herbal remedy for baldness. Algae extract contains rich sources of vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins which are essential for sound hair growth and also very effective in healing damage caused to the scalp and hairs.

The ingredients of this herb act as anti-oxidant and provide hair growth in a safe manner. Another very old and trusted herbal remedy for hair loss is Aloe Vera, this herb has unique ability to calm irritated skin and has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Massage of this on the scalp and hair seals in the moisture and improves scalp and hair health, it works as very effective natural conditioner. This herb also promotes hair gain and woks as one of the best herbal remedy for baldness.

Improper blood circulation deteriorates scalp health which makes hairs unstable and weak to promote hair loss. Gingko biloba along with many other health benefits provides optimum blood flow to all parts of the body and also to skin and scalp. This property of this herb makes it one of the best herbal remedy for hail loss. Optimum blood flow to scalp keeps hairs strongly rooted and well-nourished which prevents baldness. Saw palmetto is one of the widely used and very popular herbs for preventing baldness. The biggest advantage of this herb is that it protects and keeps prostrate gland healthy, other attributes of this herb are very useful in curing Alopecia and works as potent remedy for baldness.

Many herbalists believe that drinking few cups of green tea everyday works as one of the best herbal remedy for hair loss. Catechins found in green tea are excellent for inhibiting activities of enzymes which promote hair loss. Apart from hair loss green tea provides various other health benefits which also indirectly work well for nourished skin, scalp and hairs to maintain hair growth.

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