“Without the Breath of Life, Our Body is Nothing— Just Dust”

Have you ever seen a person who has died? I have, and there is nothing there other than a form which used to be a person. The personality, the spirit, the mind, the essence which was that person are gone.

Yet I’ve had lots of people who come to me to save their mother or father or some friends body. Yet they say nothing of trying to say what they need to say before that person passes across the veil. Which is unfortunate, because we need to make our peace with that person and connect with them and say what we need to say before they leave.

Not too long ago across the street, an older lady died and they asked me to come over and check the body. And yes she did pass on, she was not there at all. It was just a body, she had died peacefully in her sleep. And soon the funeral home came to take her away… and thus they had the funeral a day or two later.

Everything is animated by the breath of life from God. That electric current of life is put forth into every single being. Be it a plant, an insect, a bird, a fish, or even a human being. They all need that great breath of life that makes them who they are. Yet human beings are a special breath of life, we are self-aware, we have the ability to understand ourselves and thus can change life on this planet forever.

And being interested in Near Death Experiences I have come to the conclusion that we all pass through the tunnel of light, and are greeted by some angelic beings on the other side of the veil. And there are some differences too, some see Jesus, some see Krishna, others see other divine beings, other see their grandmother, or a friend, or a spouse, or someone else. But every single one of them has some kind of after-death experience… and 90 percent of them are positive.

But there are those who have Near Death Experiences which are negative. Those who have not cared about anyone or anything in this lifetime sometimes have near death experience which is negative. In which they are surrounded by people in darkness which are tearing at them and bitting them and they are screaming in pain. But if they yell out “Please Save Me God” they are brought back into the blissful light of love.

Remember you are not this body, you are spirit, you are endless, and you are meant to be loving and kind and make a difference. You have a destiny which is meant to be played out, in some way you are to help someone and end suffering.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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