When thinking of various ways to worship God properly, prayer comes to mind almost instantly. Not the kind of haphazard one we’ve made up on the spot because something has gone bad and we “need” God’s guidance to set things straight, but a well thought-out supplication that captures the essence of what we can dare to hope that God will grant us, like the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus never intended this prayer as the be all and the end all when it comes to striking up a conversation with God. Rather, he saw it as a template which any one of us could tailor to their current needs and state of mind. Nevertheless, it has remained one of the most beloved Christian prayers in its unaltered form for a number of reasons.

First of all, it manages to be just the right length without omitting fundamental Christian truths. It is neither too long nor too tiresome to recite, allowing us to do so right before an important event is to take place or at any time of the day when the need for communion with the Lord arises within. On the other hand, it isn’t a mindless recitation of words that are spoken out loud without thinking about their implications. Simply put, the way in which Jesus structured the prayer lets us know that God doesn’t particularly care about eloquent speeches or rigidly following a strict formula – it’s the honest opening up of our hearts to Him when we bow our heads in prayer that yields the best results.

Whether spoken out loud in church or murmured softly for only God to hear, there’s no denying that the prayer rings clear if spoken with conviction. Gifting your mother, sister or friend with the pleasure of having its words always close at hand sounds like a great way of showing one’s love and respect for someone and their innermost beliefs, and refined Christian Jewelry for women presents itself as an intriguing option.

A Lord’s Prayer necklace designed by Nano Jewelry is a refreshing example of such a woman's gift idea. Its form, although graceful and petite, gives way to the words to the Lord’s Prayer nestled at its core. They, as well as the elaborate ornamentation surrounding them, are inscribed on a black onyx stone with the finest lines possible today made with pure 24 karat gold. It is a one-of-a-kind, small necklace whose message and meaning are as clear as can be, and which has the potential to become one of her most cherished items.

This is just a small taste of the type of Christian jewelry one can find when visiting Nano Jewelry online. Nevertheless, it is an important and welcome illustration of how a ladies gift idea can play to one’s intimate religious feelings as successfully as to one’s aesthetic tastes. Like the prayer it proudly carries, there are no unnecessary frills or outlandish designs on it that would detract from its real substance. The devout message at the heart of it all is important, and it is enough.

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