All living cell tissue keeps, generates and transfers energy. Science these days is able to verify a broad variety of energies which produce the energy field that permeates and encloses all living creatures. These energies that infuse all living things consist of electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic energies, biophotons, light, sound, and heat.

All living things have their own distinctive frequency. Every living thing on the planet interacts with each other's energy field including plants, minerals and so on. The lengthier and friendlier the interaction between the energy fields, the more energy that is exchange.

Every energy field holds a wealth of facts about a person and mirrors the spiritual, mental, physical, aspects of the person.You can sense these facts from and within the energy field generally at the unconscious level, with some of them sometimes coming to conscious awareness as a gut feeling.

The human energy field is generally perceived (1) kinaesthetically, through your feelings, emotions and (2) visually as an appearance of white or pastel coloured light surrounding the body.

All spiritual, shamanic and yogic traditions are abundant in methods and advice on the fortification of this energy field, or aura. The aura is like the mind and the body, it flourishes on a healthy way of living:a healthy diet, positive thinking, fresh air, a goal in life, healthy relationships, doing the work you want to do, integrity, being in contact with nature, expressing yourself, proper breathing, adequate rest, regular exercise, meditation all these activities will strengthen the aura as well as using mudras.

How to strengthening the aura with a mudra to draw energy into the body (a mudra is a sacred gesture or movement. While some mudras involve the whole body, most are done with the fingers and hand).

Stretch out your little fingers and your index fingers then make a circle by touching your thumbs to the tips of the two remaining fingers.

What happens is that energy comes in through the little and index fingers when they are stretched out like an antennae; the energy is then lock in and held in the circle made by the other three fingers. It is an act of purpose that draws universal life force and permits it to come in to the body through the energy routes that end or begin in the fingertips and through the palm chakras. With this exact hand position, we can pull energy into the aura and the body to heal and make them stronger.

If you practice this mudra everyday with the intent to draw in energy to strengthen the body and aura for at least three to five minutes at a time you will soon feel full of energy and have a positive change in mood. Good Luck

Author's Bio: 

Dion Daly is a certified trainer in hypnosis, a master practitioner in NLP and TLT. He also has a degree in metaphysics.

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