The history of Coca-Cola, one of the world's top 4 most {valuable|beneficial|useful|precious|priceless} {brands|{Manufacturers|Producers|Suppliers|Makers|manufacturers}} is {quite|fairly|very|rather|really} a fascinating one and it {dates|goes} back to the late 1880s. Coca-Cola is a carbonated drink that is distributed worldwide. Its consumption has increased tremendously over the years resulting to huge {profit|revenue} earnings by the {company|business|organization|firm|corporation}. The drink is rich in {calories|energy} and it is also refreshing.

The invention of the drink {dates|goes} back to the year 1886. Well, history records that its invention was by accident. There was a {certain|particular|specific|selected|sure} pharmacist known as Pemberton who was in the process of making a new drug to relieve {headache|aggravation|pain|headaches|head ache}. After making the drug, Pemberton took the drug to a Pharmacy {store|retailer|shop} known as Jacob's Pharmacy, where it would be {mixed|combined|blended} with {water|h2o|drinking water} and sold to ailing {customers|clients|consumers|buyers|prospects}. Pemberton {claimed|stated} that apart from healing {headache|aggravation|pain|headaches|head ache}s, the coca cola drink could also cure other maladies like impotence. This drink was also used as a {general|common|basic|normal|standard} tonic. This cure came to {liked|preferred|favored|appreciated} by the ailing {customers|clients|consumers|buyers|prospects}.

The key {ingredient|component|element|compound} of the coca syrup was cocaine which is extracted from coca leaves and used as a mild natural stimulant. {since|because|given that|considering that|considering} it had not been meant for daily consumption, it had to be recreated {without|with out|devoid of|without having|with no} alcohol in it. This lead to the use of de-cocanised leaves for making the drink, this became {effective|efficient|{success|good results|accomplishment}ful|helpful|powerful} after food and drug act was enforced. From that point, coca-cola stopped being marketed as a {medicine|medication}, though the coke syrup was still {available|accessible|obtainable|offered|readily available} for ailing {customers|clients|consumers|buyers|prospects}.

In the early days, the coca-cola drink was sold as a fountain, it was not bottled. Some investors like Benjamin F. Thomas and his {partner|companion|associate|accomplice} Joseph B. Whitehead (both were lawyers by {profession|occupation}) felt there was need for bottling the drink. They obtained rights for bottling the coca-cola drink throughout the {United|Combined|united} States of {America|The usa|The united states|Usa|The states|america}. The two were {later|later on|after|afterwards} joined by yet another lawyer John T. Lupton. Their venture of bottling the coca-cola drink became an instant {success|good results|accomplishment} and this was the {beginning|starting} of the rapid growth of this drink {liked|preferred|favored|appreciated} by many consumers.

The rapid growth of the coca-cola {industry|business|market|marketplace|sector} led to other companies sprouting and trying to compete with it. The {company|business|organization|firm|corporation} feared that the straight-sided bottle in use at that time could be easily confused with those of their competitors. They asked the glass {Manufacturers|Producers|Suppliers|Makers|manufacturers} to come up with a bottle difficult to imitate. The {company|business|organization|firm|corporation} came up with the now {famous|well-known|renowned|popular|famed}, world-wide {recognized|acknowledged} contour bottle. In the early 1920s bottled sales exceeded fountain sales and this led to a rapid growth of the {industry|business|market|marketplace|sector}.

In the early years of 1920s and 1930s, the {company|business|organization|firm|corporation} started opening companies in other countries. The world war II spurred further the growth of the coca-cola {industry|business|market|marketplace|sector}. The fighting troops had to be given coca-cola drink as a way of boosting their morale. This lead to introduction of more bottling plants overseas.

Marketing of the coca-cola drink has also lead to its rapid growth and making it the most recognizable drink by all ages all over the world. {Today|These days|Nowadays|Right now|Currently|today}, what has come to be as coke is readily {available|accessible|obtainable|offered|readily available} in {nearly|almost|practically|virtually} or all corners of the {globe|world}.

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