Many of us would agree that success is a result of vision and passion combined with proper planning, preparation and ultimately focused action. Success and action are closely connected. If you aspire to be successful, you have to keep moving. Being idle will not get you anywhere. Successful people never try to avoid mistakes by being inactive. Successful people keep moving and when they make mistakes they learn from them and they never quit.

What factor ultimately determines whether a person turns out to be successful or failing? What factor decides why two people in the same situation, with the same vision, passion, plan, preparation and the same actions don’t get the same results? Why does one fail and the other one succeed? The key ingredient to success is a person’s mind-set. The predominant state-of-mind a person is in, day-in and day-out will eventually decide between failure and success.

Buddha’s “What you think, you become” proves true. What you think, Where your attention goes, what you put your energy in, and what you expect from the people around you, from life and from your environment, will be what you attract and it will determine the success or failure of your outcome. Simply put: think positive, feel optimistic about your choices, expect the best, because, more often than not, a positive mind-set will attract success.

A positive attitude and optimistic thoughts are important for three reasons:

1) Confidence
A mind-set programmed for success, means you trust and believe in yourself and your competence. You feel more powerful and effective, which will motivate you to act. Those actions will lead to success and the obstacles and challenges you face and the mistakes you’ll make along the way, will only make you grow stronger and more confident.

2) Perseverance
With a positive attitude and an expectation of having good things happen, a little bump in the road will not make you give up. It will only reinforce your tenacity and determination. Instead of giving up after the first little set-back, you will keep moving forward realizing that nothing in life that is highly desired, is obtained effortlessly nor easily.

3) Actions
With your eye on the prize you won’t be wasting time wandering around not being clear about what to do next. A success mind-set will keep you focused and it will motivate you to take the necessary action steps required for reaching your goal in the most efficient and effective way.

To sum it up, the key ingredient for reaching your goal is the right mind-set, which encompasses following:
- Positive thoughts
- Vision and passion for following your dreams
- Expecting good things to happen
- Self-trust
- Willingness to take calculated risks
- Your best effort
- Considering obstacles and failures as opportunities to learn
- Realizing that everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.
- Never allowing yourself to give up

Author's Bio: 

Verena Martin, CCHT (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist) and Pediatric Hypnotist, is the owner of SouthPark Hypnosis in Charlotte, North Carolina.