There are four suits in a tarot deck, the Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords that are lined up under the Page, Knight, Queen and King. Each of these cards is surrounded by a royal court. Your reading treads towards the more personal level when the card reader reveals the court card. When a king appears, it depicts the father figure and other prominent authority. If you want to get some initial idea about it, refer to the online tarot reading, where you will get as much information as you want.

Each royal courts in every suits, reveals a distinct personalities. The Knight represents experiences that are transformable, Pages represents youth, Kings are the leaders and Queens are the maternal warmth and nurture. If you get a king card in your reading, it makes the occurrence very limited but specific along with certainty. It delivers a target oriented results.

Each of the tarot cards reveal the past present and future of a person. For an instance, if the king is placed in the position that reveals your past, it symbolizes you father. It suggests the influence of your family on you and the role they did or did not play while your development. The King of Cups is an emotional representation, if its selected here would make it difficult to understand the exact role played by your father in the process of your development. The King card in the position of the past indicates any father figure or any man who dominated you like God in your life.

The king in the present position signifies the subconscious mind of the individual that helps you to head towards the better goals. Normally the King cards symbolizes maintaining the structure and the status quo. Similarly the kings in the present position represent restrict any pandemonium and revolution. If you have any confusion understanding, online tarot reading is the best way to gain a little knowledge on it. The King’s card suggests good fortune when in the present position, if you are about to enter in a new relationship or about to sign a new job.

When the king’s card is into the future position, it assures the stability ahead and dominating leader to guide you. You would get a job according to your choice and a boss with high expectations from you. It also suggests that you are very specific of what you want in your life and know your own limits. You will gain a feeling of satisfaction and comfort.

The king’s card can combine with many cards but also implies a good relation with bosses and men. If there is more than one tarot card in the readings it may signify a strong leadership influence in your conscious mind even. For better understanding, you may refer to the different types of cards available for online tarot reading that would basically help you to understand the different permutation and combination of the cards.

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