We have come so far from truth in many areas of our lives that sometimes it seems difficult to find our own inner truth. We have accepted the little white lies we tell ourselves and others for so long that we have drifted to a place were the truth feels so uncomfortable we don’t want to hear it. Society is filled with uncertainty because we really don’t know each other anymore. We don’t reach deep enough within ourselves or others to find the truth. We live on the superficial layers of life. We almost rely on someone not digging or pushing us to think deeper. We don’t want to go there, it is just too uncomfortable.

Not knowing our truth and the truth of those around us has made us lonely, uncertain, and fearful. Do you know your truth? Do you have the courage to live your truth? Do you have the courage to speak your truth? Do you have the courage to ask another to dig deeper to express their truth? Chances are you can not answer yes to all of those questions. How does that make you feel?

We all want a trusting relationship, I hear it all the time in the readings I do. We all want to believe and be believed. But we are afraid to be the vulnerable one that starts the ball rolling. We have all been hurt in the past, we all have baggage, we all have a filter from past relationships that we allow to set guidelines for today’s relationships.

Each of us has the ability to have a positive affect on the whole. When we stop allowing ourselves to listen to the little white lies we tell ourselves, or when we stop believing our own little white lies, we start to have an affect and control on our lives, which in turn affects those around us. When we dig deeper for and only accept the truth from ourselves, we begin to expect that from those around us.

Start paying attention to how your body feels when you tell a little white lie. Although this feeling may have become comfortable, it is actually an unnatural feeling in our body. Start to use these feelings to guide you to your truth. Allow the feeling to push you to dig deeper. Coach yourself through your thoughts to be willing to tell the truth. Baby steps. Empower yourself to keep going.

Once you have become comfortable with this, step out of your box and use this with those close to you. How does your body feel when you hear a little white lie? Are you willing to accept this uncomfortable feeling within in order to keep peace with someone else? Or, do you have the courage to ask them to dig a little deeper.

The more you work at this, the more comfortable it becomes to accept only the truth. Life and relationships become a safe zone for expressing your true self, rather than a hiding place behind little white lies. We are all looking for a safe place to live and grow, and we all have to choose to create that space within ourselves and with others. A compassionate society requires truth, can you do your part?

Author's Bio: 

Jenn Prothero is an Intuitive Reader, Reiki Master, Sound Vibration Healer, and Meditation Specialist.

She owns and operates Spiritual Sparkles Healing Center where she offers her clients a range of therapies to assist them on moving forward to finding inner peace after trauma or life changes.

She has been in the trenches and climber her way out of toxic abusive relationships to find her own inner peace.

She works out of Oshawa Ontario and offers distance healing and coaching via phone or internet.