What do you think the meaning of life is?

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering about that. I wonder about a lot of things. I have a current, working theory about the meaning of life. It’s working pretty well for me these days so I figured I would share it with you.

There is lots of stuff to cope with every day. Issues, problems, worries, all the little things that we, as people have to contend with.

Everybody has stuff.

True is true when it applies to everyone. If you are alive, you have stuff to do, stuff to think about, stuff to life with. Everybody has stuff.

So what about that?

The world is here to help us deal with our stuff with the intention of making our life better, and, therefore, making the lives of others better, too, as a result of ours being nicer.

There are countless people who want to help you make your life better. Some of them are strangers with great wisdom, some of them are people you know. Some of them are people you would never think would be helpful to you, but they would amaze you if you let them.

You want to help. You like to help people, to give them something to smile about. Admit it, when you get a smile from someone, it feels nice. You like to help your loved ones, your co-workers, even strangers. Sometimes you may feel like you don’t have the resources to help, but you’d still like to. Sometimes you help when you don’t want to, and then you have other kinds of feelings, but the basic inclination to help is there.

So what about that?

This is where Creative Questions come into play. Why do I trust? How do I know the Universe provides? Why do things go my way?

When we practice asking good questions, we get good answers, and the Law of Attraction kicks in. We start to recognize where we could use some help, we start to mention that we need help, we begin to learn to receive assistance. We find that we can do more helping in the areas where we are strongest because we get help where we need it.

We start to notice how much assistance, love, compassion, and understanding we get when we open ourselves to it. Our feelings of exhaustion fade away, and we start to get more rest.

Because we allow ourselves to receive help, we find that we have more courage to face the things we think we are afraid of. We find that they are often just things, not monsters or disasters.

Because we are open to gifts from the Universe, we find that we don’t have to work so hard, to try so hard, Things become easier. Opportunities arise, and we are aware enough to notice them, and accept them.

Because we trust that things will work out, we behave in ways that make room for successes that we hadn’t even considered.

Because things are going our way, we spend more time feeling grateful instead of complaining. That makes us nicer to be around, and more people want to be a part of what we are doing. Our communities expand with people who understand us.

Because we believe that everything will be okay, we have more compassion for the people in our lives who drive us crazy, we start to think about how they feel, how scared they are, how insecure they are, and we care about them more. We find that we don’t need to engage as much with them in their bad behavior and they begin to behave a little better.

Because we know that we are choosing what we are doing, how we are thinking, we relax a bit more. When our stresses drop, our physical symptoms abate, and we feel better.

Because we have taken responsibility for our own selves, we find that we can say no when we need to. Others trust us more because they know that when we say yes, we mean it.

Because we can say no, we can choose what we want to spend our time on, and the things that we do that aren’t rewarding drop away.

When we practice keeping our thoughts at a high frequency, everything changes. When we ask good questions, we get good answers.

I have chosen to believe that the world is here to help me realize my highest self, so that I will use my unique set of skills and talents not only to delight myself, but to help you realize your highest self.

If I spend half as much time practicing good questions as I have complaining, I will have awe inspiring thoughts.

If I spend half as much time noticing all the parts of my body that feel great as I have dwelling on what felt bad, I will feel way better.

If I spend half as much time changing my language to use higher frequency words as I have spent thinking about pain, debt, misery and suffering, I will feel free.

Why do I choose to take responsibility for my own life?

Author's Bio: 

Sick of living a life of misery at 19, Pam Guthrie dramatically vowed to "do whatever it takes" to live a life of happiness. To that end, she has studied NLP, Reiki, herbals, various energy-works, hypnotism, meditation, Unlimited Healing, and Creative Questions. She has walked on hot coals multiple times, lain in freezing water for 45 minutes with no ill effects, and traveled on pilgrimage to Nepal and Tibet. Oh, and she is happy.