If you like the pristine beaches with white sands, wide lagoons, clear water of the sea, you should take a tour of the Maldives islands. The trip offers a rejuvenating beach vacation and you can explore the marine life, go swimming, diving, windsurfing and so much more during your holidays in the islands.

A vacation in The Maldives is all about relaxation, marine life exploration and the wonderful feeling to be on the sunny white beaches where waves sweep at your feet. The beautiful beaches stretch miles along the shorelines where you can see coral formations.

Island nation of Maldives has so much to offer that you must visit this country at least once in your life. If you are planning to get married, consider spending your honeymoon in the country. Your first vacation after marriage in this beautiful country is the best way to start your marriage life.

Spectacular sunsets at the sandy beaches are the best natural treat. Sit back on the smooth sand with your soul mate and watch sun going down and sky changing from blue to orange and then grey.

Apart from romantic ambience, the country is also famous for its adventurous streak. You can indulge in wide variety of marine activities in the beach waters of Maldives. The Maldives are visited by people for the pristine beaches and a variety of water activities. With its abundance of marine habitat, the underwater life of The Maldives is incredibly beautiful. It is popularly known as diver's paradise. Snorkeling amongst the coral is one of the most common water sports in The Maldives. The reef that partially surrounds the island is known as the house reef.

In spite of the lush green palm trees as such there are no other trees that grow flawlessly in the island. Probably because the soil doesn't support the vegetation most of the trees are coconut trees, vines, banyan trees as well as mangroves. Also found are Breadfruit trees and Bamboos. Flowering plants include Frangipani and Bougainvillea. While there are a healthy variety of birds inhabiting the islands, there are fewer varieties of land based animals. Common to the islands are flying foxes, geckos and garden lizards. There are also a couple of species of snakes, although not dangerous, and over 100 species of birds found here. One can expect to see crows, parakeets, and waterhens as well as koel birds. Herons, seagulls and noddys are also found here.

The Maldives Islands provide the fullest available service to their customers to fulfil their happiness and needs. It is a popular sea resort and all types of islands are suitable for every kind of tourists. There is something for everyone here. For adventure lovers there is facility of scuba diving, as the sea is rich in marine life that you can explore. As well as tourists looking for a leisure trip can relax, sit back and enjoy the nature here. Be witness to ever changing moods of the sea while sitting in the white sand or walking around the coastline.

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