“This is a True Story of the Power of Love”

This is a true story of a policeman having a massive heart attack and being rushed to the emergency room and a miracle taking place.

It was an average night in the emergency room in NY, in fact, it was kind of quiet. But all of a sudden a young woman burst in and said, “My partner is out in the car and I think he’s having a heart attack”. Then the nurses and attendants rushed out and got him on a gurney and moved him into one of the specialized rooms for heart attack victims. The policeman didn’t have a pulse, he was unresponsive and for all purposes he was dead. So they started CPR and shock treatments and was working on him in general.

They kept working on him for 30 minutes and were about to give up because after 30 minutes the likelihood of having a lack of oxygen to the brain increases drastically. But the doctor didn’t want to give up and sent a nurse to get more fluids and when she turned around there stood a large white German Shepard dog watching everything. The nurse at first was scared because animals are not allowed in the hospital, and she wondered how that dog got in. And then the doctor noticed the dog, and all of a sudden a great calm came over all the people working on the policeman… it seemed as though time stood still.

Then the doctors and nurses looked away for a second the dog disappeared. And at that very same second, the policeman responded with a heartbeat and his blood pressure normalized. He was not out of the woods but he was pulled back from the brink of death. And the doctor and nurses were scratching their heads as to what just happen with this white German Shepard and the policeman’s amazing recovery. So they went to security and security was very adamant that a dog did not come into the hospital.

But they did find a patient in ER that had a white dog in his car… so they went out to take a look but it turned out to be a white Chihuahua. So after a while, they kind of forgot about the German Shepard. And later the policeman was moved to ICU and recovered completely. Then the nurse and doctor when to visit him and they were so happy he was doing great. But they had a nagging feeling and asked the policeman if he owned a white German Shepard and he said, “No my white German Shepard died a couple of months ago”. And the policeman pulled out a picture of his beloved dog… and that dog was the very same dog they saw in the emergency room.

This is not the first time this has happened, the spirits of many faithful dogs have shown up in hospitals over the years, plus some kind of miracle always happens when they appear.

Personally, I believe love transcends all barriers, love goes beyond all of that.

Love is Everything!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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