Conjuring sweet things to say to your girlfriend comes easy for as long as you just let your feelings out. Contrary to popular belief, this will really do nothing to the male ego that you have always tried hard to keep on. For as long as you do not go about telling your guy friends about it (wink, wink); any girl will feel weak on her knees if you are able to come up with a decent conversation that is made up of sweet things to talk about with a girl. There are so many of them that you can make use of. Give it a spin by trying out the following.

One of the biggest line hits is the one that goes “You are my treasure”. Using this is flirting with your girlfriend is a winner since she will know just how precious she is to you. Because it has been implied that you hold a high value that anyone else, she will get the notion that she is someone that you cannot easily let go. Not anyone can be somebody’s treasure. When you use these words on your girlfriend, she will be assured that she is special and should be highly cherished.

Another one of the many topics to talk with your girlfriend is that which will let her know just how beautiful she is. Everyone knows how women expend so much money and effort just to make their selves prettier. Giving her a complement once in a while on how her hair or dress looks is well enough to let her know that you acknowledge the effort that she has poured in doing so. Telling her “You are so beautiful” may be a very simple line but it will prove as something that is very sweet among women since you are letting her know that the labor was all worth it.

People (with men as the majority) have too much of a big ego that they think that they can handle anything without the presence or assistance of anyone. Show her that you can be sensitive too and let your girlfriend know that she is her life. Fearlessly let her know. Do not deny yourself that one thing that you have always wanted. There are so many topics to talk about with a girl. At some point in your relationship, she might even tell you to go out of your commitment and live your life. At the end of it all, all that she probably wants to hear to make things better are the words “You are my life and I am not going anywhere”

The line that goes “The early I wake up the more I spend thinking about you” is applicable in some specific situations. Such sweet things to say to your girlfriend may put a smile on her face again when she gets mad after you woke up early and consequently woke her up as you did. Girls find it rather sweet that someone could not seem to get her off of his mind and is constantly thinking about her.

Any guy who is not romantic might find these topics to talk about with your girlfriend too cheesy. Most of them might rather choose to clam up than let their girlfriends know how they exactly feel. However, know that girls will always choose the guy that is able to express himself emotionally. So would keep up with your tough façade and leave your girlfriend stripped of any loving or let out the cheesy guy in you that you should be and let your girlfriend know how you exactly feel? Be a sweet dude and tell her these sweet things to say to your girlfriend

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