People want to be healthy. In fact, most of them are in dire need to be healthy, but unfortunately, they do not eat what they need to eat. In this global economy which has highly advanced logistics, we are pretty much get any fruit from anywhere in the world. Working class consider themselves to be very busy these days (which is the not the real factor), they sit in their pods for hours together and love to eat sandwiches and soft drinks all the time. What they don’t realize is that the food items they intake has no nutritional value and have preservatives added to them which are dangerous for their health.

However, the number of health conscious people is increasing very rapidly and they are resorting to food items and fruits like baobab fruit that has high nutritional value

The Baobab Fruit

“The new super fruit.”

Adansonia digitata, also known as the Baobab tree is a symbol of strength in Africa and it is one of the most ancient tress in our earth. The tree is found all over Africa and in some parts of Australia also. The mighty baobab tree produces an edible fruit named the baobab fruit that has a sour taste. The fruit is rich in calcium and contains Vitamin C, which is 6 times more that of an orange. Baobab fruit is also a good source of iron, magnesium and potassium. It takes 65 years before a baobab tree to bear fruits. Nevertheless, the fruit is impressively rich in variety of nutrients and minerals and more importantly, it is 100% natural. Lot of dieticians suggest baobab for pregnant women as it rich in calcium and helps baby growth in a big way.

The Health Benefits of the Super Fruit

The baobab tree is also known as the ‘upside down tree’ as the branches of it are resemble the shape of roots. But regardless of its shape, this exotic fruit that it produces has several distinctive health benefits. Below given are few of the health benefits of the baobab fruit.

Antioxidants – These are molecules that combat free radicals. These molecules play significant part in protecting the body from the radicals. The baobab fruit has very rich antioxidant properties.

Vitamin C – improves the immune system making a person protected from all kinds of diseases. It also enhances the absorption of calcium and iron. The baobab fruit, as mentioned earlier has six times vitamin C when compared to vitamin C in an orange.

Calcium – the baobab fruit contains twice the level of calcium present in milk. It can be used as substitute for milk for babies.
The baobab fruit also plays an important part on the traditional African medicine. Its pulp is commonly used for the treatment of fever. Its roots are used to produce a drink that is believed to help in treatment for HIV positive people. The baobab also has properties for treating enteritis and rheumatism, constipation and hangovers. Lastly, the baobab tightens, tones and moisturizes the skin and encourages skin cell generation. The baobab fruit will definitely keep your indulgence healthy.

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