There are a lot of myths about muscles and what makes them grow. When people see someone with an impressive build, they assume a lot of things about them, not all of which is complimentary. After all, jealousy and other negative feelings have a big impact on how people view the world, and catching your girlfriend admiring a muscle-bound body only makes you want to disparage the person that body belongs to, right?

Whether out of jealousy or simply out of ignorance, people believe a lot of things that simply aren't true about gaining and retaining muscle. Let's go ahead and tackle some of those myths.

One myth is that some people simply cannot put on muscle. Now, while your body may be shaped a different way than someone else's even if you work very hard, everyone can put on muscle. It is a matter of eating well (and eating plenty of food) and working out regularly.

Another myth is that everyone with large muscles is “compensating” for something. This is kind of a jealous line that men use when they see someone bigger than they are. No one wants to just admit, “Hey, that guy works harder than me,” right? This kind of talk is akin to women always thinking every girl with a nice body has fake breasts.

The myth we should concentrate on, though, is the myth of instant muscle growth. This myth almost always pertains to steroids, as people think that steroids, HGH or testosterone injections will give people muscles overnight, as if nothing else is necessary. The idea is that you can go

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This is not true and is representative of the same thinking that holds that anyone with large muscles is obviously on steroids. While sometimes that is true, you can have a great build naturally with enough effort and dedication. On the other hand, you can use steroids and not look all that great if you are not dedicated to put the work in.

You see, there is no way to instantly gain muscle without a lot of effort, a lot of time in the weight room, and a lot of dedication. Whether someone uses steroids or not, they are not going to have an impressive build unless they flat-out get into the gym and lift a lot of weight.

While steroids can aid with recovery, which helps with muscle growth and allows them to work out harder and more often, that still means that even a beefy steroid user had to work very hard to get where they are at. It is likely that the person judging them still couldn't reach that kind of level, even if they used steroids too, because not everyone has the drive to look big and strong. There are a lot of sacrifices involved, and not everybody is cut out or even has the right genetics to look like a body builder.

Hopefully, people will eventually learn that there is no quick solution or easy path toward muscle growth, and there certainly is no way to suddenly grow muscles instantly. The only secret is not a secret at all- you have to get to the gym, lift hard and lift smart. Education, effort, and dedication are the keys to success, and those things can't be found in a syringe or a magic wand, either. Next time you see someone with a really impressive build, remember that the only thing you can rightfully assume is that they spend a lot of time working out. offer anabolic steroids manufactured by generic labs and they are popular for their quality and overall customer satisfaction. There is a huge variety of anabolic steroids for you to choose from. Visit our site to

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