There is no better bliss than rolling a cigarette for yourself using the ingredients of your choice along with the paper that suits your needs. Whenever you sit down to roll a cigarette, you ensure that all accessories aiding the roll are right at hand without you having to look around here and there. Right from a weed grinder to a rolling tray, there is everything that you require readily available in the smoke box kits that you can get your hands on and own it as an asset.

Even though you receive the best smoking experience with a custom rolled cigarette when compared to the readymade ones, there are several who are known to face problems while holding the custom cigarette. They complain of the adhesive peeling off from the paper or not receiving the right feel of the puffs that they take. To help people recover from such problems, there was the introduction of glass filter tips that was a cylindrical structure attached to the other end of the cigarette and accordingly smoked on. There are numerous benefits associated with owning one.

  • Gives you a hassle free smoke – You are likely to be aware of the fact that a hand rolled cigarette doesn’t have a filter attached to its rear end and thus allowing the end to get soggy after a few puffs. You are also likely to witness wet paper marks on your fingers thus making things a mess. When you have a glass filter attached to, there is no direct contact with your fingers or your lips and thus making you enjoy a hassle free smoke.
  • It is self-made – A glass filter isn’t something that would crack with the heat as it is made to withstand the same. It is made to resist the stain from the paper while it is burning and can be easily cleaned without having to replace it over and over again. It requires no such maintenance and can be used whenever you feel the need to smoke a hassle free cigarette.
  • Lesser tar inhalation – The glass filters are fitted with spirals that are known to suck up the excessive tar from the cigarette while allowing minimal trespassing. This makes you receive the satisfaction of a hand rolled smoke without having to take in the negative effects directly. You get to clean the glass filter every once in a while thus making you get a fresh taste of all that you smoke.
  • A flat mouth to keep you safe – There are times when smoking unfiltered cigarettes, you tend to inhale loose pieces of weed or tobacco and at times choking you with it. With glass filters coming to your aid, it contains a flattened mouth that allows only the inhalation of smoke and nothing else thus making your smoke pure bliss.
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The author Ron Spencer had experiences with making purchase for glass filters along with purchasing rolling tray as a part of a Smoke Box.