The roles of perceptions in our life are not only scientific but also spiritual. On one level, as I speak in my workshops, perceptions are like our inner lenses and what we see outside is a reflection of what is inside. SO, if you see and experience issues in your life, there is an issue inside you which needs to be resolved, this could be your thoughts and beliefs. So if I carry a belief that the world is a tough place to live, my lens will show me toughness. One way of working with our perception is to be conscious of our inner talk, which a lot of people term as ‘clutter’. Yes, it is a clutter if one is not conscious, with consciousness the illusion of clutter breaks!!!!!

Observe the internal dialogue within and direct it to the talk that you intend to have/desire. Every time you face a challenge observe your inner dialogue. Is it saying ‘oh, my God!, it tough’ or what am I going to do? If you are unable to catch your inner talk, be conscious of the emotions as thoughts produce emotions and change the inner dialogue into a positive one.

It has also been proven that our unresolved emotions and negative beliefs are projected into our physical world in the form of situations and mostly other people and their behavior in your Life!!! Now, this is spiritual and quite difficult to accept, but once you understand this and accept it, it would be Life transforming. E.g. If you have someone close to you in your Life who has a high ego that means there is still ego inside you which has to be resolved. IF you are experiencing short tempered people in your life, there is still unresolved anger inside you. If you see a lot of helpless people, there is still helplessness inside you which needs to be resolved!!!!!

Normally, that part of you which is unresolved is projected out, sometimes in an amplified format. Why do you think people behave differently with different people? At a base level thinking it’s about people they like, closeness of relationship etc...But on a spiritual level their behavior is projecting your inner self, it’s the best feedback mechanism. SO, the outside world and the people in your Life and their behavior are perfect feedback mechanism for us as they all reflect our inner self.

If you find peace everywhere and peaceful people in your life, there is peace within you. So, people in our life help us with the highest levels of self introspection, though ignorantly through their ignorant good/bad behavior. In short, the answers to all that we need is within us, introspect, see what kind of behavior surround you, identify the negative ones outside and identify them inside you, repeat the opposite positive belief sentence and start resolving yourself to resolve the world you see and experience.

“I always Expect the Best, Deserve the best and Attract the Best” – A very powerful belief statement for all to use.

God Bless

Harrish Sairaman

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Harrish Sairaman, founder and Lead Coach of Cogniizant Transformation, has years of varied experience and is today a recognized authority in the field of transformational solutions. A powerful orator, his expertise in the fields of Leadership, Motivation, Behavioral Sciences and Subconscious Transformation has enabled him to leverage holistic workshops.