Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, has been a hub of science and culture for centuries. The city had a special place among other cities in Europe even during medieval ages due to its flare and passion for education, science and research. The world, as we see it today, owes a lot to the mathematicians, scientists, doctors and researchers who were either born in or studied from Edinburgh. To name a few, world-renowned mathematician John Napier (inventor of logarithms), and obstetrician Sir James Young Simpson (famous for using Chloroform for the first time in history) were both born in Edinburgh as was Alexander Graham Bell (the inventor of the telephone).

Modern age belongs to science and technology and Edinburgh hosts world’s first and Europe’s largest science festival to celebrate and promote advents of science and technology. The Edinburgh International Science Festival is celebrated every year in April which features hundreds of meetings, seminars, tours and exhibitions for people from all age groups in over 200 locations across the city and inspires people to uncover the hidden wonders of the world. The festival started in 1989 and is now sponsored by Edinburgh City Council and a number of organizations including The University of Edinburgh, Royal Botanic Gardens, Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh Zoo and The National Museum of Scotland.

The Edinburgh International Science Festival presents a rare combination of fun and learning through its exhibits and workshops for the visitors. Specialists from different scientific disciplines host seminars, present their theories & scientific research and share their knowledge & work with visitors. The Edinburgh International Science Festival continues for two weeks and all major locations of the city are used for festival related activities. Most of the events in the festival are free however a few are charged with a nominal entry fee. It is an ideal destination to spend time with children who can learn a lot from the discussions and displays related to different fields of science.

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