This may come as a surprise to you, but the secret to successful, permanent weight-loss won’t be found in a diet club or the latest diet book. It also won’t be achieved purely by cutting calories, or eating the latest so called ‘diet’ foods. The secret to successful weight-loss is found in YOU.

The diet industry is booming, and profiting hugely by preying on vulnerable people who are trapped in a continuous cycle of ‘quick fixes’. Many of these diets are unhealthy or downright dangerous; eating a diet based purely on protein can result in long-term health problems. Crash dieting causes our bodies to burn muscle instead of fat and diets that cut too many calories, usually result in us cutting out vital nutrients, including the ones that are essential for converting fat into energy. The majority of diets just don’t work in the long term. Recent research shows that between 90-95% of people will put more weight back on following a diet.

Most of us already know what a healthy diet is and understand that we need to take regular exercise in order to stay healthy and slim; so why do we find it so difficult to make these small changes?

Weight loss is often the symptom, not the cause. Changing your beliefs is perhaps the most important ingredient in successful slimming. If you believe that you CAN do it, that you’re worth it, and you’re prepared to make the changes necessary to support those beliefs; then you’ve already won half of the battle.

It’s not easy to spend everyday not feeling great about yourself. It’s not easy to feel tired all of the time, stressed and lack energy. Feeling sluggish after every meal also isn’t wonderful. Life itself can be hard work when your lack of confidence holds you back. Do you get the picture? You have to work really hard at being overweight, yet we do this because it supports the beliefs we hold true for ourselves.

If you work as hard at changing your limiting-beliefs and adopt new habits to support the belief that you CAN do it, that you’re worth it and that you deserve to treat yourself with respect; you WILL become the slim, healthy person that you want to be before you know it.

So how do you make the changes?

1) Understand that how you treat your body, is a direct reflection of your beliefs. If you have low self-esteem, or a lack of self-respect, realize that you need to take action to change this before you will ever be successful at losing weight. Take responsibility for where you are at this moment, and then move on. Learn to value yourself, and you will value your body and the food that you put into it.

2) Clearly define the reasons that you want to lose weight. Write down these reasons, and how life will be different in 6 months time if you successfully lose weight. How will people treat you? How will you act? Will you be more confident, happy and have more energy? It’s also a good idea to write down how life will be in 6 months time if you do nothing, and don’t make any changes; will it just be more of the same? (Pin this up somewhere prominent as an everyday reminder of what you are working towards).

3) Raise you’re standards; stop tolerating processed, unhealthy food and a lack of exercise. You DESERVE to feel great, and to be healthy; only accept a lifestyle that will support this.

4) Make small, consistent changes and stick with them. Don’t try to change your diet in one week; it will be restrictive, boring and you‘re much more likely to give up. Just make one or two small changes each week (maybe cut down on caffeine, swop white bread and pasta for brown, swop the chocolate biscuit for fruit and a yoghurt, or go for a 10 minute power walk etc.). In just a few short months, the small changes will all add up to a massive transformation in your diet and your health.

5) Celebrate your success and reward yourself for your hard work!

Finally, get support. Make sure that you have someone to be accountable to, who will pick you up when times get hard and motivate you to keep going. If you need extra help with your exercise routine, hire a personal trainer. If you need help with limiting beliefs, hire a coach.

You CAN do it!

Author's Bio: 

Gerry Henderson is a qualified and experienced life coach and nutritional therapist.

It was whilst she was already running a successful nutritional therapy clinic that it became clear that the secret to successful weight-loss lay in more just telling individuals what to eat. The key to effective change is to help you to alter negative habits, learn what motivates you, get rid of limiting beliefs and raise your self esteem levels. This understanding led her to train as a life coach, so that her clients would experience greater success.

Today she combines her expert nutritional advice as a nutritional therapist with proven habit busting and motivational techniques and strategies, addressing emotional eating and helping individuals to feel more confident about life, and about themselves.

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