Did you know that you can succeed at anything in a short amount of time if you can copy the strategies of any person who is successful at what you want to achieve.

What do we mean by strategies? Basically, a strategy is any internal and external set of experiences which consistently produces a specific outcome. For example, when I go somewhere, I need to make a picture of where I'm going and how to get there in my mind. And I gather information verbally until I have a clear picture of the entire route that I'm going to travel. When I have enough information, I then forget it and trust my unconscious mind.

It has been found that successful spellers use visualization strategies to spell any word, long or short, correctly. In other words they make pictures of the words in their minds.

Generally the expert speller uses the following strayegies:

1. looks at a word, then
2. looks up and to his or her left to 'see' the word in their mind's eye.
3. he then looks back at the word to check if it matches the image in his mind.
4. If it is correct, he can go to learn another word.
5. If the there is no match, he goes back to step 1.

Try this with your child and your family members. You will be surprised how dramatically your kid's spelling and your own will improve. I have used these spelling with my elementary and secondary school students who I teach, and they can now spell up to 11 letter word forwards, and wait for it, backwards as well. It's truly amazing to witness!

Using these simple spelling strategies your child will become an expert speller overnight. Imagine what that would do to boost your child's self-belief and confidence. My students have told me that they feel like spelling champions, and that was after only one session of practice.

Author's Bio: 

Khaled Mansoor is an Education Success Consultant and owner at Khaled Mansoor & Associates. He has worked with schools to assist children to reach their true potential in a range of literacy and numeracy skills. He has been an elementary and secondary teacher for 15 and a half years. If you wish to find out more about the spelling or other learning strategies to enable to assist your child excel at school, then contact him on kmansoor3048@gmail.com