There is a manifold collection of hats available for men these days because now hats are not just worn to keep warm but for style as well. It is phenomenal how a simple hat can alter the look of someone from simple to chic and trendy in a jiffy. Some of the most common form of hats available for men includes ball caps, beanie, newsboys, beret, fedoras, cowboy, straw, fur and aviator.

Choosing Sun Hats

Before you select the sun hat, you should follow the tips listed below to find the perfect one.

1. Coverage and protection to avoid sun stroke and avoid the harmful rays from burning your skin.

2. Material of the hat to check whether it suits the weather or not.

3. Matching clothes to make the complete look trendy and chic

Let us focus on the stylish sun hats that men can sport anytime.

Baseball Cap

Hands down this is the most common kind of cap that everyone owns. It is not a cap that is just worn for baseball games but it is worn to just complement a style or look. Many men have a huge collection of baseball caps hanging in their closets.

Cowboy Hat

Popular among the rodeo cowboys, these hats have found place among the fashion lovers too. They offer excellent shade to the eyes and also look stunning when paired up with the proper attire.


This hat is sometimes known as the Indiana Jones hat because of the movie. Since this hat is smart and sassy they are making its way back in to fashion.

Straw Hats

A fabulous addition to men’s wardrobe is the Straw hat as they are stylish and trendy. Recently baseball and modern caps were in fashion for a long time and now straw hats are making a strong comeback. They can be worn at dinner parties as well as with casual attire. Although the main purpose of this hat is to save you from the scorching sun and heat but the stylish looks make them useful everywhere and in all seasons.

Panama Hat

This form of hat is a kind of straw hat only but it is a lot pricier because of the tight and consistent weave. Toquilla straw has plaited leaves that are used to make this form of hat. These hats never go out of fashion as they are stylish, comfortable, durable and trendy always. Like here, most of the hats are named after the origin from where they are made.

Why are Sun Hats do great for Men?

The most common answer to this question would be keeping cool or warm depending on the season. But apart from that hats can also be used to cover a bald spot with style. You can choose from the many colors such as tan, grey, black, navy, camouflage etc. Usually straw hats are white or tan in color. Depending on your personality and attire, you should select the hat.

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