The Second World War took place. At that time Saturn was moving in Taurus and Gemini Zodiac Signs. Jupiter was in Taurus and Aries. Planets were thus influencing human life. Saturn evokes wars, bloodshed, communism etc. Since Saturn was in Taurus and Gemini, a war in Europe was probable. Jupiter symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Since Saturn was in association with Jupiter, the war would have an intellectual basis. This is exactly what happened in the 2nd World War. Along with war, new technology to fight it too augmented. Communism was favoured by many. So much violence was seen that even today we are all facing its dire repercussions.

“At the moment Saturn is moving in Taurus and so too is Jupiter. Despite this Jupiter is moving backwards and hence between 1971 to 1973 A.D. a divine revolution will take place on a war-like footing. Another terrible war-like situation manifest. Destruction could be seen in many regions. For a short time a war that breaks people’s hearts might take place. Since Jupiter is moving backwards this war will not last long. Instead an intellectual war by intellectual men will continue. Jupiter’s retrograde movement will manifest an intellectual revolution in which India will lead”.

The above prophecy was published in “Tankaar” magazine (November, 1968 issue) made by the internationally acclaimed Indian astrologer, Mr. Radheyshyam Rawalji. Mr. Rawalji who resided in Saurashtra, India, made prophecies that were published in Kanpur’s magazines called “Dainik Jagran” and “Dainik Vishwamitra”. They were also published in Lucknow’s magazine “Jnan Bharati”. Thus men of sharp intellect were drawn to Mr. Rawalji’s prophecies.

In “Jnan Bharti” (February 1963, Vol. 210, page 52) Mr. Rawalji’s prophecy said – “In the coming days governments of other parties will be formed in many countries. By the end of 1965 A.D. an India-Pakistan war will take place. India will hence regain a portion of its land which had previously been taken over by Pakistan. Later a bilateral dialogue will solve this issue”. We all saw this prophecy come true. After the Tashkent Treaty people yearned to know more about the future. Hence Rawalji said in the 1966 issue of Tankaar magazine – “Pakistan will not pay heed to the Tashkent Treaty. Violence will rise in Bengal and communism too will march ahead. A tussle will take place between capitalists and communists and the latter will win. Banks will be nationalized totally, students will plan various movements, Universities will shut down, communal violence will deepen, Congress will be divided into 2 parties and the Finance Minister, Mr. Morarjee Desai will resign”. At that time this prophecy seemed amazing but later it was proved cent percent true.

In those days Mauroos Woodruf’s prophecies too were being published. In 1968 on Television, he had predicted Indira’s downfall. Mr. Rawalji read this prophecy and wrote in Kanpur’s magazine “Tankaar” that – “Indira Gandhi will not experience a downfall and that she will be well supported by her followers.” Rawalji said that Mauroos’ prophecy will not come true. Rawalji was right because in the 1971 A.D. elections, Indira Gandhi won.

Other prophecies of Rawalji which have come true are – “East Bengal (East Pakistan) will face natural calamities and internal fights. Thus its citizens will face poverty and strife. In 1970 A.D. Nasser will die and Johnson will not be re-elected as America’s President. Despite Russia’s political maneuver, Israel will not give up the land it has won. Ayub Khan will die and an intense political strife will be seen in Sri Lanka. All these prophecies came true.

With reference to planetary influences from 1971 A.D. onwards, Mr. Rawalji writes – “Since revolutions will take place in leading educational institutions, education per se will get transformed. India’s relationship with Nepal and Russia will deteriorate. On the one hand casteism will intensify and on the other hand communal violence will emit venom. Today many political parties have emerged like frogs in monsoon. These small parties will go into oblivion and instead 4 leading political parties will flourish. Despite this many states will remain imbalanced and hence time and again President’s Rule will take over. Naxalites will terrorize people. Re-elections in mid term might take place. Ordinary changes will be made in the constitution but nothing major. Privy Purse will end. Total rationing might come into force. Increase in taxes will create problems for citizens and the business class. Urban wealth will be limited and material goods will become costly. People of the service sector will indulge in bribes, adulteration etc. Crimes will augment and India will fear a clash on the northern border. Natural and oceanic calamities will increase in the entire world.

When all this will take place, world humanity will be terrified. At that time India will progress greatly as far as agriculture and science is concerned. India will make such scientific discoveries, which will amaze the entire world. India’s defence (arms) power will be a force to reckon with and spirituality will play a great role in politics. Women will get due honour. A world war will be fought which will terrorize world humanity. Then people of all nations will look towards India for both material and spiritual guidance. India’s effort may ward off the war, yet none will have the power to ward off an inner revolution. UNO will fail, yet seeds of human values and brotherhood will be sown all over the world. World humanity will perforce create a single religion, a single culture and a common viewpoint.”

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