It is obvious that Indian festivities are always evolving throughout the year and it is the time when women want to deck up at their best for the occasion. Most of the choices get directed to the drapery of sarees and women make it their very first choice, while deciding, what outfit they will be wearing for the eternity.

On this list of saree selections, it is observed that the silk sarees make their space at the top most lists, leaving behind the other options of sarees. While considering these demands for silk you will know the answer to the question, why it is advisable that you should “Not” wear the silk sarees!!!

Have a good read!!!
• Silk sarees have a relation since antique times and they have made an epic history. Do you think such kind of customary drapery that is so graciously ancient, you would want to wear to an amazing festivity? Think twice!!

• The drapery has a massive embellishment of gold which absolutely looks so refined and blazing. But, you don’t want that kind of a shine on your figure as you reflect pure sheen of gold and nothing else. It looks like there are only gold rays analyzing your overall outlook. That is such a turn-off, right?

• The saree has so much going on it, with respect to the intricate motifs and creative design patterns. All those delicate and skilled embellishments make us think, that it may get dirty or spoiled while even touching them. You don’t want such kind of complex feelings while just wearing a simple drapery. Stay away from it!!!

• The heaviness you feel as soon as you drape it on you, just because it is the purest and authentic version? You don’t have to take this load on you unless you really want to flaunt originality in your style. I am sure you don’t trust your instinct...That is a good move indeed.

• The flash of so many colors hitting you hard, apart from that, dual tones on the saree is making you sit on a merry-go-round, which is unstoppable. Don’t you want to make your heart beat normal and settle for some calmness? The experience is so enthralling…I know!! But you have to pull yourself.

• You stand in the spotlight and all eyes on you. It would be so tiresome by thanking so many people who admire your saree. You receive so many comments that you are just sick of it. So many eyes on you is not a good thing. Don’t you think??

• The price tag shouts out way too loud...and but the saree seems to be so worth when you drape it over you. But still are you ready to own something that expensive and treasured? Make yourself strong.

• The wide and huge varieties of silk sarees making you so confused and you are not able to decide which one to pick. This is such a grave issue related to options to buy whether tussar silk sarees, handloom silk sarees or any other. Don’t put yourself through this much strain for a silk saree. Take a cool temper.

• The factor of maintenance of the saree is such a pain. Right? You have to follow so many procedures patiently while preserving this precious drapery. Are you willing to take all the effort to protect this regal yard?

• While the introduction of contemporary designs of silk sarees are so appealing that you just fall for it and its elegance keeps dragging you further visually, mentally and physically. Can you take this much nuisance?
The obsession of silk sarees has such a strong attraction force that you won’t be able to get out of this gold fish net. This gorgeous drapery will surely make you fall for it but indeed it is the traditional Indian attire of appreciation. In consideration of the above-mentioned points...It’s now your call whether you really want to get injured by this stunning beauty?

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