Having return visitors is the goal of any good blogger simply because it is a sign that yours is an interesting blog! As nice as it is to have loyal blog readers for the sake of validating your content creation efforts, their return offers 3 other huge advantages as well!


When blog readers find something they really like they tend to seek out others with whom they can share it! This is one of the benefits a good blogger can expect once they've entice enough people to come check out their site. If what people find upon landing on your platform is to their liking your site is immediately regarded as an interesting blog worth sharing with their friends, family and colleagues! It should be noted here that the traffic you get from referrals like this is typically targeted and comes with the 'endorsement' of those doing the referring! This is a form of social proof and a very strong way to expand your presence online!

Social Proof

While we're on the subject of social proof, this is exactly what any comments left or any ongoing discussions imply to new visitors! Blog readers like most other people online tend to 'scan' more than they read, at least initially, when surfing the internet! With that being said anytime somebody new lands on your platform it is not unusual for them to first check for comments! What this tells people is that the platform has a following which leads them to assume that you're a good blogger! Now if your content backs up their assumption you stand a good chance of gaining a new and loyal follower!

Increased Earnings

Many are blogging to earn an income but this is difficult to do with people who are new to your site! Much like email marketing, your ability to successfully sell to your readers increases the more familiar and comfortable they become with you! Once people have decided you have an interesting blog they normally return to view more of the FREE content you offer! As time passes these same people develop a deeper understanding and trust of you which helps to increase your marketing effectiveness!

Return visitors are ultimately what every good blogger strives for because it is a good indication that you have an interesting blog! As much as having loyal blog readers may 'pamper your pride' this loyalty also helps contribute to your success as the 3 advantages discussed above demonstrate! The point here is that having people return to your platform can also help you build more traffic and even sales without much added effort! Simply stated the efforts you invest to develop loyal blog readers eventually will be rewarded by the 3 'dividends' discussed here today!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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