Post-workout nutrition has been an extremely well researched topic in the fitness industry. The studies have shown that ingesting simple carbohydrates with whey protein (in the form of a shake) assist in muscle building, recovery and in body transformation in general.

Since study after study has demonstrated such positive effects from these shakes, most fitness professionals highly recommend their use after each workout.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, let's step outside the box and evaluate if these shakes are effective for everyone to use.

I agree that post workout nutrition is very important for the purposes mentioned above. If your goal is primarily muscle building or weight gain, these shakes are a great way to easily consume an abundant amount of calories at a time when your body is least likely to store those calories as body fat.

You see, following an intense workout, your muscles are depleted and are thirsty for replenishment. Therefore most of the calories ingested at this time will be soaked up by the muscles, making less calories available to be stored as fat.

But we want to burn body fat at the fastest rate possible! Will drinking a sugar laden shake enhance our fat loss efforts? Of course not. To the contrary, I have found that these shakes could be detrimental to your fat burning efforts.

I've read through all of the research and the truth is that none of these studies were performed on subjects whose primary goal is to lose body fat. So I decided to do my own studies.

I experimented with the standard post-workout shake with all of my fat loss clients. Their fat loss results slowed substantially. Based on these findings, I no longer recommend these shakes to anyone during a fat loss phase.

So you're probably asking, "What should my post workout meal consist of?" The answer is simple. Just eat a solid meal!

This meal will be structured just like any of your 5-6 daily meals. Be sure to consume this meal within one hour following your workout.

Remember, your rate of fat loss will always be faster when you eat healthy, solid meals. So if you want to lose your excess body fat as fast as possible, ditch the post-workout shakes. Just eat a meal instead and get a lean body as fast as possible. Good Luck!

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