Do you realize that first impressions are important? I’d like to tell you that, important or not, you make them and you receive them every single day of your life.

Impressions have become habitual and you are no longer conscious of those you get when observing new people in your experience, like the person in the office next to yours. You see them, you form an opinion, and you rapidly forget about them, unless their appearance or their smell or their words impress themselves on you.

You’re on auto-pilot when you meet a new co-worker or a new manager. They make an impression. You categorize it inside your mind and then you move on. If they were wonderfully groomed, if they had on a suit you liked, if their position was one step ahead of yours, you might remember them more strongly right? Or if you met a new administrative assistant who works below your category, you’d have less of a strong impression impression, right?

When you meet someone new, you form an impression of that individual. You become either comfortable or uncomfortable around that person based on the impression you inform.

Making a Good Impression

Make your first impression your best impression. If you are going on an interview for a new job, or you are going to meet your boss’s boss, all of those folks will be going through what you went through as you received impressions.

The judgments that people will be forming will fall into these categories:
* People remember the first thing they decide about you.
* People remember the last thing they decide about you.
* Each man’s preferences are different than the next fellows.
* Some folks are generous; others are not
Which Version of “YOU” Do You Present?
The first impression you make is the best chance you’ve got. How you will dress and groom yourself; what state of mind you will hold ? Will you want them to enjoy your intelligence, studiousness, knowledge, or willingness? Do you want them to recognize your business savvy? You will appear natural and unworried when you make that important first impression. Don’t over-think the situation.

Be as real as you are. A fake persona won’t serve you well. It’s better to think “I want them to recognize how intelligent I am, that I have an interest in what is good, and that I have a lighthearted, but hardworking, sense about work” Your thoughts will transmit themselves silently via that first impression. Choose what you want them to see about you.

There is no better way than the way you choose to make a first impression. Be yourself and let things flow naturally. Think through how much of you you’d like to show them. Following through then is all that is require. Consider the first impression they make on you. Do they match up to your standards?

Not all first meetings work well. Tune in to your confidence prior to the meeting, know that you’ve got in place all that you want, then switch your focus off yourself to the other person. Connecting has to be a mutual agreement. Simply “be” what you want to be and see if there is a fit. You’ll automatically attract the right people, situations and relationships into your experience.

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