Who says being a receptionist is an easy job? Well, it may be easy in a sense that the job is a routine, but contrary to popular belief, being a company’s receptionist is a crucial job. For one, you are most likely to be the first person who people talk with whenever they call or visit the office. If, for instance, a call is received from a potential client but the receptionist answered unpleasantly, that client will surely look for another one who has a kind and warm heart. But if a welcoming receptionist follows you and talks with you on the way to your destination, there’s no doubt that he will have positive opinions about your company.

Since a receptionist’s job is a crucial one, I’ll give you some tips on how you can exude that happy and youthful glow on your aura.

Wear a smile. The smile is the simplest thing that we can ever give to others. Everybody feels delighted when they’re given a genuine smile. One great tip: flash your pearly white teeth and greet everyone as if you knew them very well. That can express how friendly you are.

Dress up. I mean like a professional. Your appearance is somehow a reflection of the company you work for. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just wear it fresh, simple and neat.

Smile while answering the phone. Even though you are unseen by the person you are having a conversation with, try wearing a smile when you pick up that phone. It sounds silly, but try it. You’ll notice that the person on the other line responds to you in the kindest way he knows. And one more thing: the more smile you give, the happier you feel.

Be gracious. Some people lack patience and become downright rude to a person in a flick. Don’t be rude as well. You’re just aggravating the situation. Think of possible reasons why he or she acted that way. Maybe because of nervousness about that appointment with you. Or some tragic matter about their personal lives. As a live receptionist, you need to cultivate the idea of kindness to other people no matter how bad they are to you. Who knows? They will be humbled down by the way you treat them, and you might turn someone’s bad day into a better one.

Listen. This is the skill that you need as a receptionist. Whether on the phone or face to face, listen and identify the purpose of their call. If you know their purpose, you will be able to direct them what to do next, thereby making the interaction faster and easier.

Receptionists should always show a positive disposition in life. If you want to be great at this field, you must try your best to learn the basics of interpersonal relations because here, you have to look good no matter what you have been or what you are going through.

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Arthur Markham writes articles about receptionists and their impact on a company. He also helps those who are looking for a live receptionist.