The need for mobile applications has been rising ever since the smartphone was invented. There are many apps at the present time being developed by skilled Android app developers to meet user’s needs. To hit on a large number of mobile device owners, Android App Development Companies are heavily investing in creative apps to meet different needs and clarify business processes.

While there are a lot of apps present out there that already aim to do the same thing, the market is still immense, and there's still space for companies to come out with their own idea. To contact the right developer, here are the following qualities.

Developer For Multiple Platform

In this competitive era, companies need to consider different platforms to launch their application and, it is not sufficient for developers to be skilled in developing apps for only one platform – they should be adaptable and capable to develop any nature of app for any device.

Companies are looking for candidates who have different operating system’s coding ability because once the application goes live in the App Store of Apple, it takes the small span of time before customers would be capable to buy the app in the Android’s Play Store or on other platform. So developers must be able to make the app available and run on several platforms, that quickly makes the app more attractive to users.

UX/UI Design Skills

When it happens to creating mobile apps, it’s not sufficient for developers to plainly work. There are many apps handy to download, it is necessary for the companies to ask the developer to create such an application which requires to be comfortable to use, must have a strong design with high quality.

It’s no surprise that employers must look for applicant with great UX and UI expertise and the customary application developer needs to get convinced that the application has the finest possibility of promoting.


The developer must have a rich portfolio to prove ability in the field to be trusted with some of the most complex projects. Specialized developers are recommended as against to those who jump on any project that comes their way.

It is necessary that every application in applicant’s portfolio have to express how a developer utilize their capabilities to create an application that satisfy the user’s demands and also well-rated. Also, Android App Development Company should look for apps that are convenient to use UIs, or excellent crash free performance. All of this will show that the developer can work well on the front- as well as back ends.

Clear Understanding of Market Needs

A mobile application developer has to express a clear understanding of the industry, particularly the market needs. One has to find a gap and set out to fill it, which also means that the user has to find the app worthwhile. There are many developers mainly motivated by the opportunity to make extra money, developing apps that no one likes.

A developer should be able to understand a user’s need and build on it. Creativity is important because app development is about converting the best ideas into life-changing applications.

Knowledge of Programming Language

A great understanding of more than one programming language is an essential quality of a good mobile app developer. The language is a developer’s main tool of the trade and therefore must show skill to use and come up with applications with ease.
The main ability that companies must look in the mobile application developer applicants is the awareness of trendy programming skills.

The experience of designing of pages and awareness of programming skills is very crucial, and this will stand developer in a good place when they come to approach for these responsibility.

High Level Of Integrity

While hiring an android developer, it is important for employers to consider that they have to grab the right person with right skills for their android development application. Checking the right talent before they give any development project to a new employee is the first and necessary step as it will decide the future of their organization.

A developer who cannot keep his word and discontinue ownership and any such rights after signing the agreement is dangerous. To avoid having to deal with these types, employers should always demand references, on top of the portfolio and developers should be ready to provide them.


Android App Development Companies should take the time to search the right developer. They need to be very clever and aware. It will save their time of suffering. And chances are higher they'll hit that market window.
Finally, a good mobile app developer makes great effort to deliver a user-friendly mobile application. This is a significant and costly investment that must be done with the end-user. There are many another factor that defines good mobile apps developers, but the above can help employer while searching for a good developer and make the right choice.

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Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in an iPhone application development company.