Work pressure is a sign that you are working hard and that you must take a break as soon as you can. In the last few years, the earning and spending capacity of Indians has increased, which is the reason they do not shy away from squandering a few thousand bucks every year to enhance their quality of life by means of vacations and long drives. And when you have a year like 2017 full of long weekends at your disposal, you cannot afford to miss any chance to plan a trip. Considering the huge expanse of India, you have several options to plan a road trip in every season. Even if you do not have a car, you do not have to lose hope if a friend doesn’t agree to lend you one; just hire a Self-Drive Car and here you go to make unforgettable memories on the road. Nevertheless, you must consider a few things while taking a Self-Drive Car Rental in India.

Choose wisely

Needless to say that you can easily find several providers of Self-Drive Cars in India these days. However, you need to be careful while choosing any one of them regardless of the price of car rental they offer. A cheap car rental is not necessarily a good one; it is better to pay the slightly higher price rather than compromising on quality. You can determine the services provided by a company by taking a look at the reviews posted by other customers. You can get the first-hand reviews from such customers and check whether it is worth paying money to the company.

Verify the original documents of the car

The car rental companies, while giving Self-Driven Cars on rent, do not provide all the documents in original. Even if you get Xerox copies of the registration certificate, insurance certificate, and pollution certificate, you can ask your company representative to show the originals to you. Check the authenticity and validity of all the papers to be sure. However, you do not have to take much pain if you rent the car from a reputed car rental company.

Collect the receipt of payments

If you make the booking online, you will get an auto-generated receipt from the website of the car rental company. It includes the detailed break-up of the payment you make comprising rental cost, security deposit, taxes, pickup, and delivery cost if any. Try to take a print out of the receipt so that you do not have to rely on internet connectivity every time.

Ask for a test drive

Not all, but a few car rental companies allow test drive before delivering the car. You can ask to try and drive the car to ensure everything is fine in the vehicle. If there is any fault in the machinery, you may be able to notice it in a couple of kilometers and ask the company to give another car.

Brand of the car

A few brands, like Maruti, Tata, and Mahindra, are considered reliable in India and have their service centers spread all over the country. Even if you face an issue after a hundred kilometers from your city, you will find a service center or a local service provider for the cars of these brands. If you want to try out driving other brands of vehicles, be informed of their network of service centers, or just drive the car in your city to avoid being stranded in an unknown location.

Age of the car

You can trust the new cars of any brand to drive across the borders. That is why; you must insist on taking a newer car from the company. Once you make the booking, you can call up their customer care center to ask the age of the car they plan to provide you. And if the car is more than three years old, you must check the condition of tires of the car; they must be new.

Ground clearance 

Most roads in the inner streets of India are not very reliable, which is why only the vehicles with high ground clearance can survive on them. The unscientifically constructed speed-breakers play havoc with the cars. You must check the ground clearance of the vehicle you want to rent and then make the payment for it once you are sure of its ground clearance. In addition to damaging the car, the bumps may make it difficult to drive the vehicle, or you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere.


Self-Driving Rent a Caris an easy process now in India, and with the tips mentioned above in mind, you can definitely get the best deal. Rest, you can just relax while you maneuver the car on the road and have a great time with your peers on your vacation.

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