Greenhandle is here to spark a revolution in the market of packaging materials with its ecological products. They have strongly condemned the use of plastics in their products and are continuing to stick to this theme. Hazards caused by plastic are no more a secret now; it has now become an open challenge that is still on the winning side. This company comes out as a sigh of relief for the environment, in this entire mayhem. It is currently a year and a half old venture that works on the theory of BtoB Company. Greenhandle is an online based company that works for both, sellers as well as for the buyers. Sellers who are eventually manufacturers of paper bags ecological products can sell their products on Greenhandle for free! To which any buyer can order in a pre decided minimum order quantity. Amongst thousands of the products, one that we are talking about in this article is Paper Bags.

We are very much aware about how old-hat our plastic wrapped edibles are. Though we are accustomed seeing it, it somewhere degrades the quality of food. Apart from the quality corruption, few chemicals can easily get transferred into the food materials. As the name suggests, paper bags are purely made out of paper material. Paper is considered as ecological, as it is possible to recycle and reuse it for number of times. Most of the paper bags available at Greenhandle are made out of recycled paper material. Persistent usage of paper bags carry high range of capacity to abolish the use of plastic bags. Paper has an ability to get decomposed on its own, unlike plastics. Now a day there is a lot of crowd turning towards paper bags for their daily grocery carrying. Paper bags aren’t new in the market; they were developed long back in 1852. Since then paper bags have continued to be a popular packaging item.

Currently many big brands have turned over paper bags in spite of using plastic bags. Nobody can disagree with the fact that paper bags look richer than plastic bags. This is how paper bags have successfully entered in the fashion industry. Paper bags can definitely be made more attractive than plastic bags. If you are thinking about going ecological way with eco-friendly packaging products, Greenhandle comes at your service. No doubt there are some more walking on the same path but Greenhandle assures you a pure “No Plastic” product. Greenhandle is one such company among many that allows you to go eco-friendly way.

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Hello everyone, My name is Anam khan. I love to write articles about Ecological products and Environmental Issues. I carry a passion of sharing my knowledge on how we can start using Eco-Friendly Products.