Among a wide range of Time Management Products, the Time Cards are the essential ones. These Time Cards are available with leading Time Management Solution Experts with different models and features to be used by various organizations and companies according to their actual Management needs.

As far as the Violation of Law is concerned, the Misrepresentation of Working Hours is a Crime. An Employer or their Management should not reflect less working hours of Staff or the Employees misuse their Time Cards. Individuals should know that Forging Time Cards can make one to suffer an immediate Termination of Employment. This is why it has become important in the Commercial Areas to keep an actual track of Employee Records by using Advanced Technology Based Time Management Products like Time Cards etc.

With reference to Policy, it is the duty of the Staff to submit their Time Cards to the Supervisor for consent. No further steps of Payroll can be followed without the approval of the Supervisor concerned with a team of Staff. It is the role of Supervisor to check if the Time Cards are filled completely and appropriately by the hourly Staff. Any delay or carelessness towards submitting Cards to the Supervisor results in receiving the Payment late.

These products are useful in companies where the policy is to pay the staff on a Bi-Weekly basis.

Modern Electronic Time Cards are versatile. They are designed to be used easily with the existing Time Systems of Companies. With easy installation and easy to use features, these products can be used efficiently by the Management Team who do not need to know the full Technical knowledge of them.

As far as Procedures are concerned, the Working on Cards are divided on the basis of completing it Daily, Weekly and at end of each Working Hour. On the basis of Daily Method, the Staff is required to mention the Time they begin and leave work along with when they leave and return from lunch. There is no inclusion of Break Time.

With reference to the Weekly Method, Time Cards are used as mentioning the Actual Hours Worked for the Entire Week. The total Overtime Hours worked by staff is also important to mention.

Considering the above discussed policy and procedures of latest BN3000 Fingerprint Time Clock and Time Cards, it can be said that the Products are useful in calculating Actual Hours Worked by Staff, thus protects the Violation of Law.

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