What is breast augmentation?

It might be surprise to know but according to researchers last year out of 13.3 billion dollars spent in cosmetic surgeries last year, the majority of amount went on breast augmentation. Talking about breast augmentation or boob jobs, Albuquerque breast augmentation surgeons defines breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty as surgical procedure to increase the size, fullness or shape of a women’s’ breasts. During this surgery, the cosmetic surgeon uses saline, silicone or maybe some other alternative composite breast implants under chest muscles or breast tissue to increase the size. Albuquerque breast augmentation surgeons tell that this process is opted out mostly by the women who have naturally small breasts to enlarge the size when they grow into adults or sometimes, some women have two different sizes of breasts; this process gives symmetry to the breasts.

Things one should know before going under breast augmentation

According to Albuquerque breast augmentation surgeons, a good candidate should always be updated with certain things before they go under this treatment:-

A. There is no minimum breast size requirement to undergo this process as per breast augmentation Albuquerque surgeons.

B. It is always suggested to undergo breast augmentation after the kids are born rather than before kids because this reduces the discomfort level and breast feeding can hurt after breast augmentation.

C. Most of the Albuquerque breast augmentation surgeons suggest, not getting involved in exercises like bouncing after the surgery.

D. Options like getting fat transferred from your other body parts to boobs are also available.

E. There is never one single type breasts implant. On a whole you have three implants that is saline implants, silicone implants and alternative composite implants.

F. When you undergo breast augmentation, Albuquerque breast augmentation surgeons tell that you have the following processes involved- Anaesthesia, incision, insertion of the implant and then closing the incisions with stitches in breast tissue.

G. Anyone who is undergoing breast augmentation has to bear the swelling after surgery for some weeks.

H. Always make sure you have a good consultant, because post-surgery every movement has to be done with precaution be it driving back to your place, type of bras or the exercises. Most of the Albuquerque breast augmentations say that maximum care is needed after the surgery.

I. Make sure that your doctor has good experience in the field, as it involves a critical process and even a small error can cause big problems.

J. Breast firmness is never right. One should consult immediately to doctors in such cases.

K. Most of the women who have got their breasts augmented have a feedback of no feeling in nipples after the surgery.

Final Thoughts about Breast augmentation

So with the combination of good certified surgeon and proper pre and post-surgery care, you can get the desired results without much pain. You can find many good Albuquerque breast augmentation surgeons, just make sure that pre-surgery your doctor is able to answer all your questions as that is the most important way of judging the doctor.

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