There are many ways in which one can write a resume, but the trick to get to the interview room is finding the appropriate and proper format of presentation and tricks to market the resume. Use of blog networks for this purpose is reigning high nowadays, and the fact that blogs are becoming as popular as websites is making blog networks a rich source for getting the required response from recruiters.

Searching for the right job and opportunity is not as easy as it sounds. The need to market your resume is enough of a task, apart from drafting it in the right way. While hosting your resume on a blog network, check for the following things:
Check out who the readers are. This will help you to know your people accessing and using the same platform and you will have an idea of the recruiters too
What purpose the blog is meant to serve. See if it has an owner and a vision statement in the contact us section
Read through and see if the blog is monitored by anyone. If it is, better your chances of getting what you want from your resume
Ascertain if you really wish to share your resume with the particular people who are likely to be in the thread
Be careful as to not give out unnecessary details, say or comment something that might turn tables against you

Tips for Resume Writing in Blog Network

When writing sentences in the resume, it is better to stick to just action oriented verbs and shorter sentences. Avoid using personal pronouns; it does not give out an impression for being a team player.

Keep it simple. There is no need of using complex or uncommon adjectives or verbs to show your capabilities and while elaborating the responsibilities you have handled.

Instead, just be concise while writing the details in the resume, because that is what recruiters are interested in. You may reserve the intricate details for the interview session.

To improve readability, you may use the tools in the documents while drafting, i.e. bulleted points, bold, underline, use subheads, etc., to highlight something specific in the resume sections.

At the end, always bear in mind that a blog is a place to interact and interchange ideas, make use of it and be participative. At the same time, do not forget that the recruiters will check for your posts and scrutinize everything properly before calling you for the selection procedure.

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