There are phases in our life that is unavoidable and these were common in our high school and college years. Examples are examinations and essay writing. Of these two, students always have a chance to do a much better score in writing custom essays than taking their exams. In examination, its unpredictable and the question as well as the answer will be unknown. However in writing custom essays, you can do something about it. You can get better grade depending on how well you write the essay so to deliver a good and quality essay, try to look for ways to improve on it.

However, many students consider essay writing as their waterloo. Writing custom essays will not be a problem anymore if you follow the simple steps below. We are not born as good writers and only through practice and hard work will we be able to be one and by following these steps, improvement on your writing skill will sure to happen.

1. To effectively do the essay you are task with, make sure to carefully understand your professor’s order. You must know what the essay is for and know what your professor want to get from you. Like if your professor asked for a persuasive essay, make sure to do so and not submit otherwise. If you are asked to write an essay that is informative then never submit something that is a compare and contrast essay. Many students commit these mistakes for trying to rush the essay and thus wasting not only a great deal of time but a waste of effort as well.

2. To impress your professor and get a good mark, make sure to research on your topic well. Doing research will improve the quality of your essay. Never forget to write down your references since this will serve as your bibliography which is a crucial part of your essay.

3. You need to make a plan and an outline of your essay. Planning and outlining are crucial since they will allow you to organize your thoughts and arrange your ideas to make your point more clearly and your point understood by your professor or any of your essay reader.

4. To make your essay as productive and attracting to your reader and your professor, make sure to write a draft. The first draft is never your final paper. You need read the paper again after you are done with it.

5. To make your essay free of plagiarism, make sure that you put in the in text citation. This is also one of the most common mistakes that students commit when writing their essays and research papers. Students commonly commit this in their effort to rush the essay and thus forgetting to write the in text citation. So for students not to commit this mistake over and over again, make sure to write the in text citation the moment you begin to write your essay. This will protect you against charges of plagiarism and prove to your professor that you were the one who made the essay.

6. The last step is proofreading, editing and revising of the essay that you’ve written. You can do this by thoroughly reading the essay word for word and sentence by sentence in order to eliminate any confusing and vague ideas that were written in the essay. You will also be able to correct any grammatical and spelling error that was in the essay. The more you check your essay, the better for you to show your point clearly and understandable by your readers.

Writing custom essays is not that hard and time consuming like what people use to say, as long as you follow these simple steps.

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Portia Lewis is a writer of Smart Essay Writers. She likes to do research and looks forward to the challenge of writing custom essays on the most difficult topic.