Vacations and business meetings used to be the primary reasons why people rented vehicles. This apparently is changing and the old reasons are quickly being replaced by new ones that reflect a changing attitude and needs of new vehicle renting customers. This has also helped the rental business witness a significant growth curve. People are now using rentals for things such as moving to the other side of town, road trips and even something as short term as a night on the town in a different ride. Here are a few tips to keep your rental deals sweet.

Check The Internet. Checking the internet can often lead to finding the lowest prices for car rentals. Going online makes it easy to get quotes from a variety of different places without wasting exorbitant amounts of time. Companies save money when someone rents a car online so they pass those saving on to the consumer by offering special rates to people that book their reservations online.

Book At The Right Time. Car rental rates tend to be cheaper on the weekends. Most companies tend to drop their rates for the weekend trying to get rid of some excess cars. If your schedule is flexible enough go for the weekend rental.

Another thing to consider is getting the rental for an extended amount of time. If you rent for an entire week you pay a lower daily price than you would if you rented one day at a time. The longer you need the car the lower daily rate you can expect to pay.

Try to book your reservation early. As the old saying goes, "'s the early bird that gets the worm." In this case the early bird saves the most money! Booking early not only saves you money but it ensures that you get to pick your car from a full lot giving you the most choices.

When renting a car, many rental companies will offer what is known as prepaying for a tank of gas before you pickup a car and add a convenience fee to the agreement. The real truth is that most around town renters seldom use the whole tank of gas and could save some money by refueling the car themselves when they return it, unless you absolutely know that you will use the whole tank and don't want to deal with refueling the vehicle before you return it. Taking this factor into consideration can save you time and money; depending on w hat you feel is the best way for you to address this issue.

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