Ever kept someone waiting and wasted their time while looking for a document? Ever misplaced a document or forgot one while carrying a huge bunch of documents? If so, then you have already let yourself down by showcasing unprofessionalism and carelessness! What if it’s your job to help people mainly with their documents? How many other people’s time can you afford to waste? In order to maintain the decorum of the organization, you have to be very rigid with your work and file management no matter how much of time it takes and how boring it may be.

In such a situation, you obviously cannot miss out on your work and responsibilities but can look for a solution that makes your tasks easier. Yes! Online file management systems are the solutions to hassled work and bundles of documents. Let us discuss more online file management and in what ways can it help us.

Time management

Even in the age of emails, the Internet and electronic document management system, we still rely on paper documents for several tasks. The challenge with paper documents mainly is that they need to be stored carefully and kept in mind in order to save time while looking for, which seems to be a tiring task. Many times we misplace the document or forget where the document is and that adds stress to our work. Therefore, we need a document management system that can store data in a uniform pattern and help us locate the files in the easiest way possible. Most of the online file management systems have the feature where you can type the document’s keyword and you’ll be suggested the documents related to that keyword.

Efficient data management

There are times when you don’t get enough time to read the documents from your customers, vendors, co-workers, etc. and you just put away the documents in a hurry. This act of keeping the files on hold gets multiplied in a bigger number and then you face a huge bundle of files and the chances of forgetting what the documents are about gets increased. Thinking how online data management can manage your data? Firstly, the storage capacity is large in size. So, even if you have a large number of documents, you wouldn’t have to worry about space. Secondly, you can store the files as per your management depending upon the types of files, the dates or by renaming the files as per your choice. This is how you can uniformly manage your data.

Effective file management

The best way to effectively manage files is to have the data stored in folders, by category in such a sequence that is understood by you. To learn more about how to manage data effectively, let’s discuss more on it.


Delete unnecessary documents-

Do not save every file or document that comes through your way while working. Although the storage is enough for you to save as many files as you want but if you keep many files, it will be difficult for you to locate the files in future. Take a glance at the document and its content and only then judge what is important and what is not.

Follow a pattern of folder saving and save them-

Divide the main folder into subfolders and name them accordingly depending on their identification. Try giving shortened names to identify the folder. For instance, subfolders could be names as documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, etc. This will make your work easy and help you manage data accordingly.

Try to store related documents together-

If you have a set of documents, presentations, images, graphics, reports, etc. Then arrange them uniformly such that all related files are stored such that you could relate to them while you look for some. Or instead, make separate folders for separate projects so that all the documents related are stored in the same related folder.

Try having separate folders for completed work and on-going work-

The best way to identify what work is pending or still going is to keep it different from the work that is completed. It will save your time from viewing the entire list and wasting time. Instead, it will simplify your work. After you’re finished with a pending project, you’ll simply have to move the file from ongoing work’s folder to the other folder. It will also give you an idea about how much of work is pending and how much is completed.
Avoid overfilling folders within the same type of files too-

If you have a large number of files within the same type of folders, make subfolders for it as well, or else, you’ll be in a state of confusion about what the files are related to. For eg, if you have a main folder about Business Plan and within the folder you’ve different documents about different years’ business plans, make subfolders like Business Plan 2014, Business Plan 2015 and so on. Don’t fill the Business Plan folder itself. It will only mess up your work.

Online file management and online cloud storage systems have unique features to manage documents, you have to apply the best measures to make use of it in order to save time and enjoy the work by making it as easy as you can.

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Anushka Chakrabarti is an avid blogger of DocUp,a company that does document management for individuals, tax professionals, and businesses of all sizes. She loves technology, especially cloud technology. She writes on cloud based apps and works in the online cloud file storage company.