As youths are dependent on smartphones and other mobile devices these days, companies and small businesses too are quick to build mobile apps to connect with the users directly. And according to the latest trend, not only the small and medium organizations are choosing outsource even large Android App Development Services have realized the tech capabilities of offshore firms and are busy in outsourcing the mobile application development.

While outsourcing is the best choice to do, it comes with many hurdles. The greatest challenge is hiring the appropriate mobile app developer. The best process to find the right person is to look for an developer who can put complete efforts for understanding the company’s requirements and develop the app accordingly.
Here are the tips to Outsourcing Application Development Project Effectively.

Purpose of the App Must Be Clear

Before hiring outsourcing mobile app developers, companies must have an exact definition of what they want from their mobile application. If they don’t have a clear definition of what their app is and what they want it to do, they won’t be able to communicate with the developer they choose for outsourcing.

Clearly, companies should spot whether their application is a highly technical solution and a core of their business or not. Signing a non-disclosure contract before handing over the work to developer, provides confidentiality to ideas and it also shows that company is serious about their project.

Experienced Developer is Required

Another step for companies is to select the best mobile application developer for their application. Outsourcing means, they are providing the complete design and development to a third person. Though priority of companies to outsource app development is to reduce cost, still they have to careful with the prices that developers ask.
App portfolio must be asked by companies, it can be iOS or Android. Professional developers will share their portfolio with others. In fact, they will not avoid providing their finest work when asked. The capabilities of the developer should be analyzed by the portfolio by companies. They can ask for the links of published application while selecting the app developer.

Milestone and Decided Price

Once companies have chosen the application developer, they should ask for a plan of the project. It is necessary to talk about milestones before starting of the project. Milestones are the stages that need to be achieved step by step. They are also known as short-term objective. By programming milestones, companies will identify where the project’s work has reached. If the developer goes quiet for few days, they need not bother as they have set milestones for their project.

By creating a pay as the developer go system, the money remains motivation for the app developer, and the check-ins and project approval points will give peace of mind to companies.

Product Management Tools

Adoption of a project management tool highly extend the chances of making the application completed in time and as per calculations. There are many trendy project management tools that are used by the app developers to manage their application effectively.

Most of the people make the mistake of avoiding this thing when allocating the work to an app developer and generally the results are bad. It is highly advised to Android App Development Services to adopt these tool and secure their performance.


The clarity on the project also comes when the developer provides work with a detailed timeline. Companies should request one right at the beginning and this will ensure that their developer has its entire team involved in the project. This will also help set company’s expectations before the development begins so that they’re not on borderline at all times.

Timelines allow companies to evaluate the development builds over the course of time. It also allows them to approve every step of the process. As, this app is being developed for them, so their approval is necessary, besides essential, for the developer as a form of application feedback. It gives a chance to the companies to test the modules, aspects, and following the beta stage of development; they must be able to expect builds with significant frequency.

Quality should be Maintained

Saving the cost of development is the main target of hiring companies of outsourcing mobile application offshore, but the quality of application is the important thing and can't be avoided. Outsourcing to the developing countries can shorten the cost of it, but mobile application quality can be compromised if companies appoint less capable developers.

To verify that the application is working perfectly, company’s testing procedures should closely copy the framework experienced by their expected real end users. Hiring Android App Development Services may run into problems if outsourced app developers need to duplicate different use cases.


The expanding mobile application development business is a positive sign that the companies have to outsource their work in different countries too. Overall control on cost, time, project resources etc are the benefits of outsourcing mobile application development.

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Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in an iPhone application development company.