I have a friend who is really interested in taking his next step in his spiritual path. And he knows for sure he needs to make a move… yet he is afraid to let go.

All the spiritual teachers who have come before such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna all had lots of suffering that they endured in order to achieve a state of ONENESS. And there are lots of people who think they can achieve this state without going through some kind of turmoil in their life. In fact, sometimes we have to give up everything in order to attain a higher state of consciousness.

Take a look at Buddha, he had everything, riches, a beautiful wife, a wonderful child, yet he was not happy at all. He eventually saw all the suffering in the world and went out in order to find answers to ending all the suffering that every one of us endures. Thus he suffered even more because he left his wife and child and went out to find the answers to end suffering. He gave up what he had in order to have what he really wanted. Plus at the same time, he was able to help humanity.

Then there is Father Joseph Philipe in Haiti, the man has nothing but he also has everything. He has changed the lives of thousands of poor people in Haiti. He has brought them hope, he has helped the poor people find dignity. For sure Father Joseph has had his ups and downs… that is a given. With his people being murdered and with great earthquake all of his dreams of helping people were dashed. But he never gave up, he never gave into political power, he never stopped. He just got all the people together again and again and started over. From nothing to something multiple times… he suffered greatly. He always gets up one more time and helps those in need.

Look at Jesus, who was willing to give the ultimate sacrifice in order to help everyone. His suffering was so great… that most people would not have been able to endure such suffering. Yet Jesus came for a reason, to awaken people and to bring hope to humanity. When the prize is great… many times what we give up is great.

What about you?

What are you willing to give up in order to have what you really want?

What are you willing to change in order to have more within?

No one can answer those questions for you,

We all have them hidden in our heart.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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