As a visual representation of your company and brand, your logo is a fundamental part of your identity. Changing your company logo is as serious as changing that identity. Weigh the risks and benefits carefully as redesigning your logo will mean a complete overhaul of how your company presents itself and entirely new brand awareness campaigns.

Here are the top 10 reasons redesigning your logo may need to be an option:

1. You changed your company name. This often occurs when there are pronunciation difficulties in foreign countries or undesirable connotations that have developed over time. A logo redesign is necessary because your old logo with the old name becomes invalid. With the new logo, people will more easily recognize and use your new name.

2. Your company has a new philosophy or mission. You may be offering new services or you may have a different target audience. Whatever the case, your logo needs to be redesigned if it no longer accurately represents the heart of your business.

3. There was a merger or acquisition. Your logo may represent this merged identity and brand with a visual blending of logos or a completely new logo design.

4. Your logo is too similar to another logo. Make sure your audience has no chance of confusing you with the competition.

5. Your logo wasn't professionally designed. Small businesses often don't have the budget in the beginning stages when the logo design is so important for setting the pace of the business. An initial haphazardly designed logo may not be connecting with your audience or symbolizing your business well.

6. You're receiving negative feedback. A logo is useless if your audience isn't able to relate to it in a positive manner. With a redesigned logo, you have a better chance of making that much needed connection with your audience, which leads to sales. You may even consider getting your audience's opinion about potential logos.

7. Your logo is too complicated. Logos are always more effective if they are easy to remember. Complicated logos with long names or various components that aren't instantly recognizable or understandable can be frustrating for an audience. It may be worthwhile to simplify your logo to an abbreviation of your company name or a single image.

8. Your company needs to modernize. Show the world that your company is keeping up with the times with a fresh new logo. The new company image can signify growth and revitalization.

9. You could use a publicity boost. Redesigning your logo can be part of a marketing strategy to gain media coverage. The new logo will be newsworthy enough for a press release that can bring some attention your company's way.

10. You need to dissociate your company from negative news. If you've been associated with bad publicity lately, a logo change could boost your reputation. Consider the new logo a new beginning.

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