Any relationship can benefit from some help day to day. To help your love develop for each other, it's best to know and comprehend the little problems that each person in the relationship is put through. Here are some innocent things women do that annoy the men they're with.

Seeing your relationship through others
Other couples may have other hobbies, or may live by a different budget. Comparing your relationship to them can be demanding on him, as he may not like or have the means to live up to those comparisons. Your relationship should be appreciated for its own individuality and not overshadowed by another relationship. This also means past relationships.

Spending too much time with him
It can get to the point where couples spend so much time as one that they become insensitive that one may be getting sick of spending so much time with the other. Room should be given to each person so they can spend time to themselves. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Individual time is needed to reflect, focus on different areas of life, and spend time with other friends, evening out their individual lives.

Mocking what he does with his friends
Men can often act a different way than what he does around you. Making fun of what he does when he's with his friends is something he's not going to enjoy. In a sense he may feel that she is in reality mocking him, regardless of how ridiculous he acts with them. These small comments may over time be perceived as nagging in his eyes, a no-no in any relationship.

Being too demanding
Where yearly anniversaries are normal in a relationship, who came up with monthly anniversaries? These can sometimes be bothersome as not all men recognize and operate in a relationship by that arrangement. These smaller anniversaries can sometimes be annoying and celebrating every little event can make them lose their meaning in a relationship.

Judging his love
She can often weigh his love for her based exclusively on issues that he doesn't know he's being assessed on. Such as recalling a particular date or remembering what she wore a certain date. This can be an unfair way to weigh how good of a boyfriend he is as he doesn't know he's being judged on this particular feature in the relationship.

Questioning if she's prettier than you
Questioning and even asking if another girl in the room is prettier than you is one hassle that really does more harm than good in a relationship. This is a problem that can be demanding on him and the relationship. In its place, she shouldn't allow it to linger in her thoughts, knowing that his love for her is true.

Not speaking with him directly
Forming a point of view of him from what a buddy said, or something little he did that really meant nothing can often damage a relationship. These are issues that can be strenuous on a relationship and should be avoided. Men value direct communication and may not know otherwise.
If you have a question, go to him directly. Getting his thoughts and his point of view is what's needed for the relationship to work.

He can't read minds
Both men and women are poles apart. This means that listening and talking are going to play imperative roles in their relationship. What's common in all relationships is where women want guys to know how they feel without telling them. Expecting men to be as understanding as your girlfriends isn't going to help your relationship.
This includes telling him that you're fine over an issue when you're not.

Being late/indecision
When going out, it's infamous that women can make their guys late for their appointment. What happens often is that their partner changes outfits a few times. To top it off, she will ask her partner's outlook about their clothes, only to pay no attention to whatever support they had to offer.

Getting along with your friends
There are times where your significant other doesn't get along with your friends. So when they don't get along and may actually not like each other, your meddling isn't going to help. After all, he's not dating them. This can be done by setting up appointments where the three of you spend time mutually or other ways, you know what I'm talking about.

Having a secret plan in the back of your mind
When women want something done and can't get their way through asking, they can be very smart in getting things done her way. For example, not hanging out with his friends by making plans to do something else without telling him. Men can often spot this kind of hidden plan and they don't welcome it.

They don't like talking as much as you
Women will bring up all the small facts when asked to talk about something. Men are the opposite, they don't want to be worried about the minor particulars, and in fact they hate the small details. Getting him involved about the little details of a topic can be as unreasonable as him getting you involved in automobiles.

Relationships may not come as easy as people believe, however they can be made as beautiful as anticipated for as long as work is put into them. With these tips in mind, along with some patience and motivation to change, any relationship can be made healthy.

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