Do you ever think that YOU are the only one challenged to find new clients? I know that many of you feel that way, and on a daily basis. And for many of you, that’s your one and only and biggest challenge when it comes to growing your business.

On my recent trip to Zimbabwe, mentoring and teaching women entrepreneurs on ways to grow their business, I came to realize that we are more alike than different! In discussions with these women, we learned about their top 3 challenges – and you may be surprised to read what they are.

1. Get New Clients/Customers.

2. Marketing.

3. Making More Money.

When we were in Harare, and in a room full of enthusiastic, educated, bright young women, we learned that the 3 major challenges were the same – however, they deal with issues on a daily basis that WE only see in the movies. Their lives are difficult – their circumstances are, at times, impossible – but their spirit is unstoppable!

When we were in Victoria Falls, the challenges were similar – and yet, these women struggled to survive daily when it comes to the basics like feeding their children and having a roof over their heads. – Now, before you go sending me a ton of e-mails, I am not that naïve in that I don’t know these situations occur right here in North America, too. But that’s not what/who I am talking about – I’m talking about YOU – those of us who are privileged beyond belief – with education, money, possessions (‘stuff’!), loving families, support, technology, and so much more. Yes, YOU!

In Africa, we learned that the daily challenges these women faced included theft, no entitlement to free advertising (like the men had), giving change in U.S. $, and so much more. The one HUGE advantage that I saw and experienced each day with these ladies is their mindset! They have:

- An appetite to learn

- A hunger to improve

- Persistence to succeed, no matter what!

- A joy-filled spirit

- Faith!

- Belief that things can get better

- A willingness to learn from us and to apply that learning……

- And so much more.

That is what makes us different, in my opinion! It’s OUR mindset that gets in our way – and we let it.

Some of the women, who had received some education through CAMFED, shared their achievements:

- Critical thinking skills

- Transformation

- Communication skills

Ability to make decisions and follow through

The encouragement from their mothers for them to be empowered and to STAND UP FOR YOUR LIFE!

I shed many tears while I was there for the week – tears of joy, of pride, of sadness, of overwhelm... and I learned so much FROM them, and for me.

So, back to my opening paragraph – they do have the same challenges as we do when it comes to growing their business: getting new clients, marketing and making money. We did help them to create an action plan to improve in each of these areas. The difference? They are hungry for this information – and they are committed to applying the knowledge. We saw it in action the very next day when we went to their shops in the market! Amazing! Inspiring! Encouraging!

So, what is your take-away from this? What are you going to do differently this week when it comes to growing your business? What has been your excuse for not ‘getting it done’?

Author's Bio: 

Pat Mussieux is fast becoming regarded as one of the voices for women's entrepreneurial success. After leaving her 22-year marriage with virtually nothing, and moving across the country at age 55 to start a new life, she re-launched her coaching and speaking business - taking it from zero and growing it into a multiple 6-figure home-based business. Much of her success can be attributed to her expertise when it comes to marketing, mindset and money!
Pat has been featured as an expert in both print media and on TV. She was nominated as one of the 2010 and 2011 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurs of the Year; as well, Pat has been nominated for the Chatelaine magazine “Woman of the Year for 2011”. Pat is Founder of Wealthy Women Leaders, and provides business and success advice and resources to clients around the world.
Pat is the author of "The 7-Step Guide To Growing Your Business by Getting Out of Your Own Way ", teaching women entrepreneurs how to get their message out, close the sale, enjoy massive results, and create some simple systems and processes for success!
Through her coaching programs and products, Pat teaches her clients how to experience freedom inside and out and create the life they truly want to live, now! It's a 'no-excuses' approach! You can reach her at