If you’re looking for a place to chill out this weekend with your friends or colleagues in order to de-stress yourself after a long week at work, look for a place where you can grab a drink and enjoy it while watching one of your favourite sports. It is the best way to relax and get rid of all your mental and physical worries. The place you choose should have a happening ambience with loud music all around with less light and more darkness.

It is believed by a lot of people that drinks prove to be a good stress remover. It takes away each and every bit of stress, tensions and all that causes you mentally sick. Having a glass of your favourite drink in one of the best bars in town with your mates is like icing on the cake. The places like Brighton and Hove are well-known for their nightlife, eating out and club parties. The weekend can be made memorable by planning a dinner date with your loved one in one of the best bars in your vicinity.

The selection of a bar for your weekend plan should be made keeping in mind the following qualities. Let’s have a look at these core qualities that make the bar- a must visit place.

A good collection of beer- For the connoisseurs all around the world, a good bar is the one that makes an effort to provide a wide variety of spirits, whiskies and wines. Such bars are ranked higher and the chances are people of all tastes and choice will love the place for sure. Many of you had a pleasure of drinking your favourite wine or whisky at some or the other place. But the thing that makes a bar is the availability of good stock of beer coming out of the taps. Such a place is worth visiting and helps de-stress yourself.

Efficient services- A good bar is the one that offers good services. Almost 90 percent of people love the place on the basis of how the staff has greeted or treated them with their services and nature. The nature of the bartenders makes a bar good one amongst all the bars available in your vicinity. The quality service is all that drives repeated customers to a bar. The staff taking the order should be polite, courteous and intrusive and should always take orders without being pushy.

Delicious food- Food is the basic necessity of a human’s life. Whether it is a bar or a restaurant, the person visiting there will definitely try at least one cuisine. The food is something that adds a power in the feel of getting drunk. A lot of bars offer exceptional finger food, steaks, burgers and other such options. When you go to a bar also consider reading the reviews about the food quality.

Price- The price is the biggest determining factor which bar to choose from the many available in your vicinity. Apart from the pricing, the bars that offer happy hours on any day of the week or month adds to the feel of enjoyment. Such offers are loved by everyone because who doesn’t want to save money. A lot of people prefer visiting the bar on those particular days when the bar offers happy hours for everyone.

A good ambience and interior- The ambience is also one of the interesting elements to count on while looking for a bar. The bar owners should keep a note and understand that people usually visit a bar to relax. Therefore, the environment of the bar should be appealing and informal so that a person can sit for hours, relax and enjoy his drink. It should have a lively ambience instead of a formal one. The bar that features in holding parties, sports event are an add-on to its ambience. Other than all this a hygienic and clean environment with good lighting and high-class furniture adds more to a bar’s ranking.

The bars in Hove and other parts of Brighton provides all facilities to its customers from a friendly environment to happy hours to mind blowing parties and much more. The ambience, location and easy accessibility make the bar a perfect place to be.

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Bali Brasserie is one of the finest Brighton restaurants renowned for delicious Indonesian and Malaysian Cuisines! The restaurant is located on the Hove seafront and its reputation for the finest Far Eastern food has spanned more than 20 years.