A freezer is something which is essential for the food business. The food industry is impossible to run without the assistance of a refrigerator. The freezers provide you with the temperature range, which can keep the food products fresh for an extended period. The freezers are useful in storing large bulks of food commodities. In the food business, buying the food in bulk helps in saving a lot of money. .

Once you have bought large quantities of food products, you need a proper cold storage space to store it. There are two types of freezers available. There are upright freezers and chest freezers.

The chest freezers are less expensive as compared to the upright freezers. Because of its box like shape, they are also considered more efficient. Their shape allows them to keep the cold air inside the appliance, even if the lid of the freezer is repeatedly opened.

The problem with chest freezers is that if the food is not organized properly, it can lead to food wastage. Because of the shape of the chest freezer, it is possible that the food products of small size will be forgotten at the bottom of the fridge. The food wastage can be prevented if the food is organized properly.

Here are some tips which can help in storing the food properly. It is important to have an organized plan for storing the food.

First in and first out:

It is an inventory practice which should be very common. It is helpful in reducing the food wastage. The items which are placed in the freezer first should be used first. To do this, you need to keep track of the food items. You can tag the food products and write the date on which they were stored. It will remind you to use the food products before their expiration date. Every time you open the freezer, you will be able to see the tags, and you will be able to use the products before they get spoiled.

Keeping an inventory list:

Keeping an inventory list is always a good idea. It helps you in keeping an eye on the products that you have. It will also assist in telling you when you need to buy the new products. Mentioning the date on which each product is stored in the inventory list will also help in telling you which ones are about to reach the end of their shelf life. You can use them, and there will be no food wastage.

Using bins and bags:

The use of bins and bags can help in separating the different types of food products. It is important because if the food products are not separated, it can lead to food contamination. The most significant challenge you may face with the chest freezer is using the bottom space efficiently. If not used correctly, then the food products can leave there, forgotten. Putting the food products in bags will keep them separate. The bags can be shopping bags. They are not expensive, and they are easy to move.

Labeling the food products:

Tagging each bag is helpful. Labeling the bags clearly will tell you what product is inside the bag. Mention the storage date so you have an estimate about the shelf life of the products. The bags can be opened when the food needs to be used. The bags can be re-tied. It can be moved quickly as well.


The compartmentalization of the food makes it easy to access it. The freezer can be split into sections. You can put different types of food products in different compartments. The meat can be put in a separate section, fruits and vegetables can be put in a separate section. This is useful in making sure that there is no food cross contamination.

Freeze the Items Flat:

The storage space can be utilized in a better way if the items are frozen flatly instead of standing them up. The precooked food can be put in bags and freeze them flat.

Energy Efficient Packing:

The packaging of the food can be made energy efficient by placing water bottles in the bottom. The chest freezers are more energy efficient if they are stacked properly. If the freezer is empty, it will consume more power.

Accessibility of the Food Products:

The availability of the food can be a problem in the chest freezers. To solve the problem, you can make use of baskets. There are wired baskets as well as plastic baskets. The baskets make it easy to store food products of small size.

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