Nowadays, Thailand-the kingdom of golden temples is becoming a famous name when it comes to Southeast Asia tourism. Good foods, cheap prices, exciting culture and alluring beaches, those are all thing coming to our minds when mentioning to Thailand. Aside from bustling Bangkok and charming beaches, see top natural destinations with the magnificent beauty and incredible wonders tourists should not miss in Thailand in the below:
1. Morakot cave
It is absolutely necessary to take a torch when going to Morakot cave because this cave is quite dark inside. Sailing about 80 metres through the cave, visitors will reach to the other exit and enter a clean white beach surrounded by high cliffs. This beach is extremely charming with cool blue water and white sand stretching to the shore. It is a hidden treasure waited to be explored. There are many stunning beaches in Thailand but a separated beach- a gorgeous jade paradise like this is quite rare.
2. Phang Nga Bay
For the first moment coming to Phang Nga Bay, travelers will be overwhelmed by the imposing scenes of this bay. The vast and turquoise sea sparkling under the sunshine and the towering limestone mountains rising from the sea, those are all make Phang Nga bay is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. After one of the islets in this bay appeared on a film of James Bond in 1974, Phang Nga bay has been becoming more popular.
3. Similan island
Similan island located to the northwest from PhuKet beach, is one of the most popular island in the Andaman Sea. Owning the splendor of surrounding sea as well as the abundance of marine ecosystems, this island is a perfect place for travelers to relax.
4. Karma beach
Located on the northern tip of Koh Lipe island, Karma beach is a small white sand beach- a favorite site of many travelers thank to its stunning white sand, clear water and peaceful atmosphere. Due to its location, it has brilliant views of the sunrise and sunset.
5. Sam Pan Bok
Sam Pan Bok is a fascinating destination in Thailand, often compared to Grand Canyon of the United State thank to its majestic sandstone cliffs and great gorges. When translated to English, Sam Pan Bok literally means “3,000 holes” due to its unique holes formed on sandstone cliffs. The cliffs nearby Ubon Ratchathani perhaps are the best places to shoot some nice photos and see whole skyline of the awesome mountainous scenery. In addition, Sam Pan Bok at night is also an ideal place to admire the sparkling night sky.
6. Huay Mae Khanim
This waterfall is situated in the national park belonging to Kanchabunari province. Considered as one of Thailand’s most beautiful waterfalls, Huay Mae Khanim owns a surreal beauty as the one in the fairy tale with its seven-tiered waterfall and white water. Best time to see Huay Mae Khanim waterfall is the rainy season.
7. Khao Sok national park
Khao Sok national park is located in the South of Thailand. This national park possesses tropical jungles believed to be 160 million years old. They are also considered as one of the oldest rainforests all around the world. The dry season, between December and April is the best time to visit this destination. Wandering around the national park at this time, travelers will be overwhelmed because of its magnificent limestone cliffs and imposing waterfalls.

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