When we talk about weight loss people think about diets but that is not always the case. As you may or may not be aware diets do not work for most people and that is not just me saying this, a recent study by a leading professor found that for most people diets do not work so if this is the case what does work with weight loss?

A virtual gastric band hypnotherapy technique called Trance Band which was invented by the leading Gastric Band Hypnotherapy expert has been in the media a lot recently with more and more celebrities turning to hypnotic techniques for weight loss.

The media have become very interested in Gastric Band Hypnotherapy techniques such as Trance Band with its amazing results and as such sections of the NHS have now been researching hypnotherapy for weight loss to help them save money rather than over spending on their budget to perform gastric band surgery to help people to lose weight.
The Virtual Gastric Band treatment is based on a hypnotherapy session in which your subconscious receives the message that you have had a gastric band operation, and your stomach has become the size of a golf ball.

The criticism is that the conscious mind will be fully aware you haven't actually had this surgery, so that conscious mind will override the messages delivered to the subconscious and your old eating habits will remain.

The truth is, the critics are right.

Your conscious mind is well aware that you haven't had the surgery and, if the Virtual Gastric Band therapy was a one-session only treatment it would be a complete failure.

But weight loss clients are visibly losing weight, and those who choose to weigh themselves find they've lost up to four stone.

Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy is not a one-off treatment, it's a long-term programme. It is initially six sessions of in-depth hypnosis and discussion. Furthermore, my clients go on a personal journey, in which we look at their relationship with food, the roots of that relationship and the complex emotions they have connected with their eating.

The reason why this programme works is because food does not make you fat. If that was the case we would all be overweight. Obesity comes as a result of eating more food than we need.

Weight loss clients eat three small meals a day, and over time their craving for particular foods, and for that feeling of fullness - which actually means they've eaten too much - leaves them. Instead, they learn to enjoy very nourishing, pure food and to stop eating when they are satisfied.

Low fat is out, full fat cream, milk and butter is in - in proportions that satisfy the hunger, and nourish the body without damaging it.

If you sort out the mind, the biology follows. This programme works, and people who have been on it find a sense of freedom from food and food addiction - and they never return to a diet club again.

A leading UK Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy expert called Claire Hegarty who also invented Trance Band, which is a guaranteed weight loss technique, explained that Gastric Band Hypnosis is a powerful technique that is allowing men and women to lose weight and beat obesity when they thought they would never be able to become healthier and slim.

If you would like to learn more about Gastric Band Hypnotherapy then Claire Hegarty offers free advice over the phone by calling 0151 678 3358 or 07714 853 524 or visit www.clairehegarty.co.uk/trance-band-hypno-band

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