Anxiety to travel alone is quite normal, but it really does not matter. Time to get along with nobody less than you! Traveling alone may seem very scary. And lonely. A boring. I have been doing it for ten years now and I can tell you that's absolutely not. In fact, it's really fun!

Benefits of Travelling Alone

1. You have the ultimate freedom!

If you are traveling with someone, always keep in mind. Whatever you share with your travel partner, you always have to compromise but if you travel alone, you do not have to. Accept this, there are several benefits of traveling alone. Focus on the freedom you have and do what you want. To take account of others and to do too much in too little time do you in everyday life (probably) already often enough.

2. Increase your comfort zone

This ultimate freedom can also be scary. Especially eating out is a big step for many people. The first time I'm alone, I can still remember.

Just eating out is really difficult, then start with a single coffee in a coffee shop. Next time you will only have lunch and eventually eat somewhere alone. I myself like to vacate my head in a notebook, read a book or simply look around and study the people while waiting for my order.

3. Meet new people

If you're still single, here we will tell you why traveling alone can be a good option for you. Sleep in a hostel or at someone's home via Couchsurfing. If you do not know Couchsurfing yet, this community is also ideal for addressing a local one that can lead you around. On Couch Surfing you will find people who like to make new contacts, want to show you the most beautiful places in their city and have a real interest in the one they talk to. Between all Couchsurfing hosts or hostel guests, there are a few people you can find!

4. You will get to know yourself well

If you want to know more about yourself, only travel is the way to it. All the new impressions and experiences you encounter, the different environments in which you stay and the people you meet teach you a lot about yourself.

Tip: Keep a travel diary in which you not only write down everything you see and experience, but also the points above. This way you can easily recover everything you travel on and travel to once.

5. More focus on your environment

It's also easier to focus more on your environment. If you are alone, you are looking around for you anyway. You'll see more details, unobtrusive streets and the (sometimes weird) habits of the locals. Take the opportunity to pay attention to these details. Save that unobtrusive street and who knows where you're coming!

Tip: If you like taking pictures, this is the ideal time to focus on your camera with details. And then I'm not talking about snapshots, but about really looking at the subject of your photo. This way you look at your surroundings with other eyes and see details that you did not otherwise fall into.

6. Accommodation

Consider a guest house, hostel with bed and breakfast or small guest house because this type of accommodation is usually more likely to meet the locals.

7. Enjoy a dinner as a solo traveler

Choose a restaurant with bar and have a nice meal. This is at least always my choice because I usually meet someone (if you are looking for a company).

Go to restaurants with common tables or to coffee bars where many freelancers work. These are social meeting places where you meet the locals. In addition, there is often free Wi-Fi so you can also send a nice message to your home from your vacation spot.

8. Think ahead when it comes to money

Exchange offices usually have worse rates and higher fees. Use ATMs to raise money and keep it at small amounts. Consider a prepaid credit card. Provide emergency money, keep it in a different place from your daily money.

9. Important stuff

For me, it's my passport, wallet, camera, and phone. These are the items that I regularly check and keep in one place.

10. Make sure your documents are safe

Give someone home copies of your documents or email scans to yourself. Keep a photocopy of your documents in your luggage, separate from the original documents. Take important documents in a safe place with you like a money-belt.

11. Finally, some safety tips.

Make sure you arrive early at your new destination, well before dark. Always stay in public. Knot a chat and find a companion for people you do not know, but trust if you do not feel safe. Do not be afraid to stamp when someone is bothering you.

Happy solo travels in 2017!

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Misty Jhones