High cholesterol is a serious problem that requires taking measures to lower the numbers to a healthy range. Natural cholesterol reduction is one option men and women can use to get their numbers back into normal and healthy ranges without the harsh side effects of medication.


Natural cholesterol reduction supplements are one solution to the high cholesterol problem. The supplements contain ingredients like fish oils and niacin, which medical studies have proven help lower the low density lipoproteins, or LDL, levels and raise the high density lipoproteins, or HDL, levels.

Adding natural cholesterol reduction supplements to a daily routine can reduce overall LDL levels over time while the HDL levels are increased to protect the heart. Though supplements can help, it is important to use caution when selecting natural cholesterol reduction solutions because each individual will have different reactions to supplement, particularly if it has herbal ingredients. Supplements are useful in the fight against high cholesterol. Additions like fish oil and guggulsterones are ideal additions to a dietary plan to help reduce cholesterol levels without the side effects of medications.


When looking for ways to naturally lower cholesterol levels, it is important to consider dietary changes. Diet is one of the major contributors to high cholesterol in the body. This means that one of the natural ways to combat heart damaging LDL levels is by eliminating or reducing foods that cause cholesterol.

The first dietary change to consider is cutting back on fats. This is particularly true of animal fats from meat and unnatural trans-fats found in highly processed foods. Limiting animal products to choices like fish and while eliminating red meat and processed snack foods like chips and cookies can help.

Adding more foods that help encourage the drop of cholesterol levels is the next step to dietary changes that act as natural cholesterol reduction. Options like oatmeal, nuts and fish are all options that bring down cholesterol levels. A diet high in fiber, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein sources is ideal when trying to reduce cholesterol levels naturally.


Exercise also plays a role in the reduction of cholesterol without the use of medications. The way exercise helps is by naturally raising the “good” cholesterol, or HDL, numbers for better heart protection.

Exercise should always include a combination of cardiovascular and muscle building options. These will help reduce the high LDL levels while increasing the low HDL levels over time.

Though exercise can help with cholesterol, it is best to discuss the appropriate type of exercise with a medical doctor, particularly for those who have a risk of heart attack or heart disease. Starting an exercise regimen without medical supervision can cause problems for the heart in the initial phases, though it becomes less risky over time.

Medical Consideration

Reducing cholesterol naturally is an excellent method of reducing the bad numbers while getting the good numbers higher. Though the natural methods of reducing cholesterol do work, it is important to keep updated with the current numbers. Seeing a medical doctor to stay updated with the current levels is an important part of ensuring the diet, exercise and supplements are creating the preferred results.

Reducing cholesterol does not necessarily mean turning to medication. Dietary changes, exercise and cholesterol reducing supplements are sometimes enough to get the numbers under control without the harsh side effects of a prescription drug.

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